2017 Wolf Den Design Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Wolf Den Room Design Challenge!

Grand prize winners:  Mackenzie Roach and Alyssa Botkin

Category winners and runner-ups:

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Wolf Den Design Challenge 2017

We want to thank all of our students that entered the Wolf Den Design Challenge! We had over 80 students participate. Here are some of the highlights.

Posted by NC State University Housing on Monday, August 21, 2017

About the Challenge

Do you and your roommate have what it takes to win a campus-wide room design challenge? Do you want to show off your talents for accessorizing or your passion for the Wolfpack and be crowned this year’s winner(s) of the annual Wolf Den Design Challenge?  Whether you’re a die-hard dumpster-diver or a decor store decorating diva, we want to make you famous!


  • Wolfpack Spirit – Think fan cave – everything screams “Go Pack!”
  • Home Sweet Home – Interior decorating – best roommate collaboration – Pinterest-worthy room
  • #PackSmart17 – Reduce, reuse, recycle, refinish, repurpose, relax
  • Best RA room – Exemplifies the role of student leadership
  • Apartments – On-campus, off-campus, or residence directors


  • $1,500 in total prizes awarded via gift cards to NC State Dining, Wolfpack Outfitters, and more!
  • The grand prize winner(s) receive a golden trophy along with their first place award!
  • $100 first place for each category (for each roommate!)
  • $50 runner-up for each category (for each roommate!)
  • 15-minutes of fame to everyone who enters (winners announced on-stage at Packapalooza)

How to enter

Option 1)  Google Form
Contestants must submit photos or a short, narrated video approximately 2 minutes in length to University Housing. Videos can be created via mobile phone or video camera but should be filmed in high resolution with a horizontal format. This helps us archive entries.

Option 2)  Social Media
Students submit videos and photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by captioning their photo with the category they are entering and the hashtag #PackDen17
Students can snap entries using Snapchat to NCStateHousing. Please make sure to make entries public so we can see them!

Judging criteria

Points are awarded for best atmosphere, creativity, collaboration, organization, overall design, and usability. We are looking for the most creative and decked out rooms on campus!

  • Wolfpack Spirit – Sponsored by Wolfpack Outfitters
    The room is full of NC State Wolfpack spirit merchandise – bedding, rug, stuffed animals, posters, house flags, decor, even the flip flops and desk supplies are Wolfpack.
    Tons of Wolfpack merchandise and most dominant colors are red and white. Along with the spirit merchandise and color scheme, there is an impressive variety of memorabilia from years of Wolfpack loyalty.
  • Home Sweet Home  – Sponsored by NC State Dining
    Everything planned ahead from the furniture arrangement, coordinated bedding, room decor, and accessories. This room looks like it could win HGTV Star! The room is setup to maximize usability, storage, and function. It is very cozy and inviting.
  • #PackSmart17 – Sponsored by NC State Recycles
    The energy used to sand and hot glue all the repurposed thrift store, flea market, and yard sale finds is all that will contribute to this room’s carbon footprint! At first glance, the room looks like a page from a Pottery Barn catalog. Shabby is truly chic when environmentalists plan ahead. Use the #PackSmart17 packing ideas from the Office of Sustainability to get a leg up in this category.
  • Best RA Room – Sponsored by Inter-Residence Council (IRC) 
    RAs, this category is just for you! Have a special conversation area or a great movie-watching setup? It’s time to show off your room and help us inspire the next batch of student leaders!
  • Apartments – Sponsored by NC State Student Media
    This category is open to on- and off-campus students and even for Resident Directors (RDs) living on campus.


  • Deadline for entry is Tuesday, August 15 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Students may enter more than one category but are only eligible to win one of the chosen categories. Please indicate all submissions with the category you are entering.
  • All category winners must agree to let Technician newspaper photograph the winning space.
  • On-campus rooms must comply with residential guidelines (no prohibited items).
  • Shared spaces must have both roommates permission for photo release.
  • Grand prize winner will be chosen from all first place winners.
  • Categories receiving no submissions will not receive a prize.
  • Prize money is awarded in gift cards to a variety of retailers on- and off-campus.