A Place to Personalize

Lee Hall residence

Decorating a room in a residence hall is one of the best ways for students to express themselves and is often one of the things they look forward to most. It has been suggested that room designs and furnishings can impact a person’s mood and work ethic. The way that a room is decorated can affect a

person’s ability to concentrate and retain information; so, by adding touches of personality to living spaces, overall mental health and productivity can be improved. Hours spent on Pinterest or watching “room tour” videos on Youtube are always put to good use when planning the room’s layout and design.

“Go with what you are comfortable with. Put up posters of scenery, bands, etc. One thing we say in the Arts Village is to keep your door open. If people can see your room decorations they can be used as conversation starters.” -Bannie (Yu) Pan, Senior, Communication Media, Wolf Village

picture of dorm room
Think you’ve got what it takes to compete against other NC State students in room decor categories? Enter the Wolf Den Design Challenge!

Tip: You can never paint too many canvases. These are great options for decor because you are able to hang as many, or as few as you like without damaging the walls. You can also hang tapestries that relate to your interests or flags that represent your heritage. Hanging up photographs is also a great way to bring a piece of home to a new living environment. The decor will make the room feel warm and inviting and make a person feel more comfortable.

“Lofting your bed gives you a lot more space. One thing that has been super helpful for me is having plastic shelves where I store a lot of things. It’s nice to have storage pieces that help you get organized in a smaller space.” -Matthew Roach

PS: Stock up on Command Strips and hooks. You’ll thank us later!

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