Student Service Desks

Building Desk Location Phone #
Bragaw Hall (West Campus) Bragaw Hall (919) 515-2903
Lee Hall (West Campus) Lee Hall (919) 515-2900
Sullivan Hall (West Campus) Sullivan Hall (919) 515-6886
Tucker, Owen, Turlington, and Alexander halls (TOTA) (Central Campus) Holmes Hall (919) 515-8648
Bowen, Carroll, and Metcalf halls (Tri-Towers) (Central Campus) Metcalf Hall (919) 515-2908
Avent Ferry Complex (East Campus) Avent Ferry Complex Bldg D (919) 515-2269
Bagwell, Becton, and Berry halls (The Quad) (East Campus) Quad Commons (919) 515-2923
Gold, Welch, and Syme halls (The Triad) (East Campus) Quad Commons (919) 515-2923
North and Watauga halls (East Campus) North Hall (919) 515-3651
Wood Hall (East Campus) Wood Hall (919) 513-4055
Wolf Village Apartments (Main Campus) Gray Hall (919) 513-9653
Wolf Ridge Apartments (Centennial Campus) Tower Hall (919) 515-7434