Submit Publicity

We are happy to assist the NC State community in promotion of relevant events and important announcements. In an effort to reduce the use of paper, decrease touch-points, and streamline the posting process, University Housing has transitioned to primarily using digital postings within our residential communities.

Student groups and campus departments may advertise on the university’s electronic billboard system (, with screens located across all University Housing residential communities and in other strategic locations across campus.  Groups are responsible for loading their image in the campus Billboard system. If you would like your advertisement to be considered for inclusion on University Housing screens, please email with the DATE of your event, the TITLE of your slide uploaded into the Billboard system, and the CATEGORY listed in the Billboard system.  A single department or student organization may be limited in the number of slides they can share on University Housing screens during any given semester.  University Housing will attempt to share as many relevant requests as feasible.

On a limited basis, university departments can request that paper posters/flyers be posted in halls.  Requests must be approved at least 3 weeks in advance of the event date, and flyers must be provided to University Housing (copies separated by community, as listed below) at least 2 full weeks in advance of the event date.  Please submit an electronic copy of your flyer with your request for approval to Caroline Carpenter.


Poster Distribution List for Unversity Housing

Alexander Hall – 5
Avent Ferry Complex – 17
Bagwell, Becton, and Berry Halls – 15
Bowen Hall – 8
Bragaw Hall – 20
Carroll Hall – 9
Gold, Welch and Syme Halls – 11
Lee Hall – 17
Metcalf Hall – 11
North Hall – 10
Owen Hall – 10
Sullivan Hall – 22
Tucker Hall – 10
Turlington Hall – 5
Watauga Hall – 4
Wood Hall – 12
E.S. King Village Apartments – 7
Western Manor Apartments – 3
Wolf Ridge Apartments – 45
Wolf Village Apartments – 24

TOTAL (all halls and apartments) 265