Community Assistant Coordinator

To seek employment as a Community Assistant Coordinator, please see your 24-hour Service Desk for the appropriate application and details about the recruitment process.

Basic Job Functions

Supervise the operations of Community Assistants (CA) within an area under the guidance and direction of the Assistant Director (AD) or Residence Director (RD).

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities


  • Work with Assistant Director (or designee) to coordinate Community Assistant recruitment, selection, training and evaluation.
  • Ensure that all Community Assistant posts are staffed by checking the duty report each evening.
  • Ensure that employees are performing duties satisfactorily.
  • Make rounds of hall as necessary to assess the atmosphere and condition of the area.
  • Remain on campus and accessible at least two weekends per month and during breaks when your residence hall remains open.
  • Provide direction and support to all Community Assistant employees.
  • Become integrated with Resident Advisors in area.
  • Hold meetings and plan Community Assistant functions and in-service training.
  • Be a role model for Community Assistant workers.
  • Participate in all facets of residence hall programs as designated by the supervisor.


  • Schedule a minimum of six in-office hours per week during the hours of operation. Schedule hours at a minimum of three days per week.
  • Prepare and distribute staff schedules.
  • Prepare and submit payroll reports to University Housing.
  • Compile and distribute required reporting forms and supplies to staff.
  • Train Community Assistants in policies that govern residence hall student behavior.
  • Train Community Assistants about facility operations.
  • Train Community Assistants to confront and/or report resident policy violations.
  • Train Community Assistants to respond to emergencies.
  • Complete and/or delegate any administrative work issued by Assistant Director (or designee).
  • Review and process nightly logs.
  • Attend weekly meeting with supervisor and RA staff meetings.
  • Make regular unannounced Community Assistant visits during hours of operation.
  • Formally evaluate Community Assistant employees once per semester.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Cooperate with all members of the residence hall and University staff so that quality service is provided to all residents.
  • Serve as liaison between Community Assistants and the building staff to communicate job expectations, responsibilities, and promote area staff unity.

Qualifications and Employment Terms

  • Full-time upperclass or graduate student with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Available to work 20-25 hours per week.
  • Live in the area supervised.
  • Residence hall or supervisory experience preferred.
  • Resident Advisers cannot hold Community Assistant Coordinator positions concurrently.