Staff Directory

Susan Grant Director University Housing 919.515.3088
Sarah Battle Assistant to the Director University Housing 919.515.3088
Tim Blair Senior Associate Director West Campus and Apartments 919.515.3812
Kathleen Ruppe Senior Associate Director Central Campus and East Campus 919.515.2408
Kala Bullett Associate Director Selection, Education and Student Behavior 919.515.1982
Nicci Bell Assistant Director Student Behavior 919.515.1507
Bryan Botts Assistant Director Residential Education, Leadership and Assessment 919.515.8814
Veronica Cooley-Perry Assistant Director Recruitment, Selection and Training 919.515.8698
Lynne Barbour Assistant Director Conferences and Guest Services 919.513.2904
Dylan Morris Manager Conferences and Guest Services 919.515.9805
John Starbuck Marketing Manager Marketing and Communications 919.515.4338
Kasey Kyprianou Visual Communications Designer Marketing and Communications 919.515.4400
Evelyn Buck Assignments Coordinator Housing Operations 919.515.2440
Pennie Graham Assignments Coordinator Housing Operations 919.515.2440
Tonya Banks-Daniels Financial Manager Business Administration 919.515.8247
Tonya Burton Accounts Receivable Technician Business Administration 919.515.7270
Anikka Clarke Accounts Payable Technician Business Administration 919.515.4401
Matt Carter Administrative Support Associate West Campus 919.515.1826
Fatou Mbye Assistant Director Lee Hall/Bragaw Hall – South 919.515.8735
Erica Cutchins Projects Coordinator Lee, Bragaw and Sullivan halls 919.515.6709
Jacob Sparks Residence Director Lee Hall – Lower 919.515.6116
Courtney Wade Residence Director Lee Hall – Upper 919.515.1848
Alyssa Toshimitsu Residence Director Bragaw Hall – North 919.515.1845
Betsy Kaplan Administrative Support Associate Lee, Bragaw and Sullivan halls 919.515.1795
Diana Bacallao Residence Director Bragaw Hall – South 919.515.5793
Chelsie Bickel Residence Director Sullivan Hall – Lower 919.515.1844
Thomas Peterson Residence Director Sullivan Hall – Upper 919.515.2160
Eloise Chisolm-Ubani Business Service Coordinator Central Campus 919.515.2295
Durell Hurst Assistant Director Tucker, Owen, Turlington and Alexander 919.515.8646
Spenser Norman Community Director Turlington and Alexander 919.515.2929
Tiffany Chan Projects Coordinator Tucker, Owen, Turlington and Alexander 919.515.3130
Durell Hurst Assistant Director Bowen, Carroll and Metcalf 919.515.8646
Misty Dothage Projects Coordinator Bowen, Carroll and Metcalf 919.515.6887
Corey Ulloa Residence Director Bowen Hall 919.515.7882
Taylor Mercado Residence Director Carroll Hall 919.515.7897
Brenda Escuita Residence Director Metcalf Hall  919.515.1846
Caitlin Grindall Residence Director Owen Hall 919.515.7139
Marissa Disla Residence Director Tucker Hall 919.515.7161
Chester Miller Director Engineering Village 919.515.7666
Vacant Business Service Coordinator East Campus 919.515.3802
Sydney C Benton Northeast Graduate Assistant Quad, Triad, North and Watauga 919.513.2439
Connor Brady Community Director Bagwell, Becton and Berry (Quad) / Honors Village 919.515.9416
Crystal Thibodeaux Residence Director Gold, Syme and Welch (Triad) 919.515.3239
Erica Moore Residence Director North and Watauga 919.515.9501
Vacant Administrative Support Associate Avent Ferry Complex and Wood Hall 919.515.9990
Curtis Jackson Assistant Director Avent Ferry Complex and Wood Hall 919.515.8736
Gloria Schoeberle Residence Director Avent Ferry Complex 919.515.1688
Marcellus Ballard Residence Director Avent Ferry Complex 919.515.1689
Susan Lawhead Community Director Wood Hall / Wellness Village 919.513.4057
Andrea Becker Assistant Director University Apartments 919.513.7308
Rena Gobble Business Services Coordinator University Apartments 919.515.4191
Chanel Spencer Administrative Support Associate E.S. King Village Apartments Guest Services 919.515.3898
Vacant Community Director E.S. King Village and Western Manor Apartments 919.602.9741
Michelle Strickland Administrative Support Associate Western Manor Apartments 919.513.7050
Leah Campbell Community Director Wolf Village Apartments 919.513.0744
ReGina Royster Administrative Support Associate Wolf Village Apartments 919.513.0590
Taylor Sprague Residence Director Wolf Village Apartments 919.513.0733
Luke Strawn Residence Director Wolf Village Apartments 919.513.7483
Shannon Plummer-White Administrative Support Associate Wolf Ridge Apartments 919.515.7434
Vacant Residence Director Wolf Ridge Apartments 919.515.1517
Dominque Foster Residence Director Wolf Ridge Apartments 919.515.8513