Author: MarComm

water timers
August 13, 2019

Students, Staff Collaborate To Reduce Water Use

The shower timer (lower left) and flow meter (upper right) were installed as a pilot project in five student suites in Bragaw Hall. The trial showed a 20% reduction in water usage after the shower

June 24, 2019

Students Start Paper Towel Composting Project

Paper towels are now among the compostable items collected at select residence hall compost dumpsters. NC State’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Office collects the compostable material and has it processed into a useful soil supplement,

Lime Scooters
November 29, 2018

What’s with all the scooters?

You’ve seen them zipping down streets, sidewalks, ramps, and alleyways. You’ve heard their notable chime when somebody hops on. E-scooters, Birds, Limes — whatever you want to call them — electric scooters have taken U.S. cities

Samantha Johns
January 30, 2018

Everything We’ve Ever Known: A Performance Installation

Led by Samantha Johns (the Arts Village’s first ever guest Artist-in-Residence), NC State students have worked quickly, opened their minds to each other, and built a record of everything they have ever known. Honestly, every last thing. Students

Make A Thon 2018
January 29, 2018

During Make-a-thon, Students Create Sustainability Solutions

In this unique NC State innovation competition, students design and prototype solutions to sustainability challenges. Imagine a future where the power of your footsteps can generate electricity. That’s the student idea that took home top

Make-A-Thon Trashr
January 22, 2018

NC State Students Launch Company To Modernize Dumpsters

At the 2016 NC State Make-a-thon, Trashr was developed. In addition to winning the waste category, the project caught the attention of NC State’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Office, which offered the student team the