Resident Isolation in Place Instructions

An email message was sent to all on-campus University Housing residents on the morning of January 13, 2022 explaining a change in standard Isolation and Quarantine protocol.

Isolating in place means you are to limit contact with others and remain in your assigned housing location.  Residents staying in their assignment are expected to remain in their bedroom area and wear a face covering as much as possible, only leaving the room to go to the bathroom, for a medical emergency or to pick up food from designated distribution areas.  Please follow the instructions outlined below.


Meals will be provided by Campus Enterprises (RAVE Catering and NC State Dining).  To receive meal service, complete the Dining Request form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Be aware that requests submitted in the late afternoon may not be able to receive service until the following day. Generally, meals will be provided as follows:

  • Meals will be pre-packaged by NC State’s dining and catering teams.
  • Dining will work with residents that may have food allergies. 
  • Meals will be delivered once per day and include enough food to last until the next drop-off time.
    • For your first day in isolation, the time frame to pick up meals is: 4:45pm-5:45pm.  
    • For all subsequent days in isolation, the time frame to pick up meals is: 12:45pm-1:45pm.  
  • University Dining will be delivering meals to designated food distribution locations based on your spring housing assignment as follows:
Food Pick-Up Location:For Residents Assigned to:
Wolf Village C StoreWolf Village and ES King VIllage
Bragaw Activity RoomBragaw, Lee, and Sullivan Halls
One Earth (exterior pick up location between Talley and Reynolds)Bowen, Carroll, Metcalf, Tucker, Owen, Turlington, Alexander, Wood, Berry, Becton, and Bagwell Halls
AFC Magnolia Cottage (small attached bldg between AFC and Mission Valley Auto Repair) Avent Ferry Complex and Western Manor Apartments
Wolf Ridge Plaza 215 (Building across from Tower Hall)Wolf Ridge Apartments
North Hall LobbyNorth, Watauga, Gold, Syme, and Welch Halls

On-Campus Students with a Meal Plan | Meals will be covered according to the following:

  • Isolation meals are included for students enrolled in “Core” Meal Plans (Dining Hall Plan, Flex Plan and Flex Plus Plan)
  • Students enrolled in Block Meal Plans will be charged two meals per day.
  • Commuter Plans and Dining Dollar accounts will be charged $20.00 per day.

On-Campus Students without a Meal Plan | Meals provided by Dining will be charged to the student’s account at a rate of $20 per day.

On-Campus Students with a Meal Plan in Greek Village

  • Greek Village residents in isolation can continue to use their in-house meal service and can order from delivery services as needed.  Masks should be worn at all times when picking up food and meals consumed in your room during the period of isolation. 
  • Non-resident members in isolation can continue to use their in-house meal service.  Masks should be worn at all times when picking up a “late plate” and taken to-go. 

For Support or In The Event of an Emergency

In the event of an emergency, contact NC State University Police by calling 919.515.3000 and inform them that you are isolating in place. Provide them with your specific building and assigned space. State your emergency. University personnel will respond as appropriate to the emergency for which you are calling.  

If you have non-emergency questions, please call the Wolfpack Response Line at 919.512.3272. If all university staff are busy assisting another caller, please leave a message and your call will be returned. Please note that this line is only monitored from 8am – 9pm, so your call may be returned the next day.

If you have an emergency facilities issue during business hours M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., please call 919.515.3040. If after hours, please contact your RA, the RA on-call for your community, or community service desk.  For non-emergency work orders, please submit a work order by clicking here. Note: you may be required to move to another space within University Housing while repairs are being made.

Entry Into Your Space by University Staff

While isolating in place you cannot have guests or visitors.  If support is needed and an NC State official must enter your space, residents must follow a specific entry protocol. The protocol includes: 

  • Place a medical mask over your nose and mouth. 
  • Isolate yourself in the bedroom (or bathroom if you have one in your space) furthest from the main entry door and close the bedroom/bathroom door prior to entry by a university official. 
  • Remain in the bedroom or bathroom with the door closed until given an all clear by the entering university official.

Requesting and Receiving Supplies

In the event that you need a critically important item while you are isolating in place (e.g. a textbook, a prescription from Student Health Pharmacy, etc.), please email or call the Wolfpack Response Line at 919.512.3272. We can only assist with high-need items as best as possible.

If the university can provide supplies for you, items will be delivered to your door. After items are left at the entrance to your space, the person delivering items will contact you by phone call or text message. You may then collect your items from outside your door. 

To restrict contact with others, DO NOT ask friends who live elsewhere, family, or others to bring supplies to you. 

Mail and packages cannot be received or delivered to individuals during isolation/quarantine. Please do not make online purchases or request mail/package deliveries during your stay. 

Support During Isolation

The NC State community is available to support you during your isolation/quarantine stay.  If you need assistance, please reach out to an appropriate campus department. 

  • Wolfpack Response Line:  919.512.3272
    • General inquiries, status updates, and requests for supplies
    • Monitored daily, 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. with after-hours voicemail response for emergencies
  • Student Health Services: / 919.515.2563
    • If you need medical guidance, are experiencing symptoms that you need to share with a provider, and/or have questions regarding your isolation status, send a message to a medical provider through your HealthyPack Portal.