Room Selection

Room Selection occurs each spring semester and allows current residents/students the opportunity to return to University Housing for the following school year. A new application must be completed each year. Space is limited due to the first-year live-on requirement, so please read carefully!

You must be a currently enrolled student for the Spring 2021 semester to participate in room selection.  Students with an active Spring 2021 housing assignment will get priority in the actual selection process. See the timeline below:

  • February 19: Deadline for current students to complete the “21/22 Room Selection Selection Application”
  • March 10: Living Learning Village selections
  • March 11: Graduate room selection
  • March 12: Returning Wolf Ridge selection
  • March 15-17: Option 1 – Current residents with less than 61 credits
  • March 18-19: Option 2 – Current residents with less than 92 credits
  • March 22-23: Option 3 – Current residents with more than 92 credits
  • March 24-25: Option 4 – Open Selection – students without roommates and off-campus students – roommate group restriction removed

STEP 1 – Apply to participate in Room Selection

ALL CURRENT STUDENTS who want to live in on-campus housing (including Living and Learning Villages) for the Fall 2021/Spring 2022 school year must complete a Room Selection Application by 11:00 p.m., February 19, 2021. [do it right now]

The Room Selection Application is a Housing Application and does not commit you to University Housing, nor does it guarantee you a space in housing. It enters you into the room selection process and gives you the opportunity to participate in Step 2 of the selection process.  You are committed to housing once you select a space or are assigned a space as an individual or as part of a roommate group.

Living and Learning Villages

  • The village application is part of the 21/22 Room Selection Application.
  • Returning students who are interested in returning to, or joining a new village next year must complete the Room Selection Application by the February 19 deadline,
  • AND once accepted to a Village you will complete your room selection with your Village on March 10.

STEP 2 – Complete Room Selection   

Room Selection time blocks will be available by Friday, March 5. Look for an email from University Housing for more details. Your room selection time block indicates when you or your roommate group will be able to access the housing selection pages for an opportunity to select housing for 2021-2022.

Process highlights

  • You must be able to fill the space you are planning to select with a roommate group. Example: If you are planning to select a 4 bedroom apartment in Wolf Village or Wolf Ridge, you must have a roommate group of 4. If you are selecting a double room, you must have a roommate group of 2.
  • A limited number of singles will be available in the room selection process.
  • We have added more apartments to your room selection options. There will be a limited number of 1 bedroom, double occupancy apartments available in ES King Village for undergraduate returning students.
  • Priority in room selection will go to students with an active Spring 2021 housing assignment.
  • Students without roommates and off-campus students will have the opportunity to select on-campus housing during the “open selection” portion of the room selection process.
  • The 4 bedroom apartments in Wolf Ridge and Wolf Village are allotted to undergraduate students
  • The 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in Wolf Ridge are allotted to graduate students

Roommate Groups

If you are part of a roommate group, your designated group leader will be the one to select and assign each roommate to bed spaces in the selected location.  If you are part of a roommate group but are not the group leader you will not need to do anything during the on-line selection process.  Once you agree to be a part of a roommate group, you are giving the group leader the ability to select housing for everyone in the roommate group.  Once a group leader selects housing, you are officially committed to campus housing for the next academic year.

Room Selection Tips

  • Please look for the Helpful Hint boxes throughout the room selection process for tips on navigating each step.
  • We recommend that roommate groups make the person in the group with the best time block the group leader.  This is the person who will make the selection for the group.
  • If you are part of a roommate group you don’t need to log into the housing portal during the selection process since your group leader will be making the selection and assigning group members to bed spaces.
  • The room selection process will only display buildings and rooms that are available.  If you don’t see a building, that indicates all available rooms have been selected.
  • Once you select a space you will have 10 minutes to complete your selection.  If you don’t finalize your selection in the 10 minute time frame the selected space will be released and may be selected by another student.  A countdown clock will appear in the red navigation bar.
  • If you are part of a roommate group; once your group leader assigns you to a space and finalizes the selection, you are also committed to housing and the terms and conditions for the 2021-2022 Housing Agreement.  
  • Review your housing selection before clicking the Finalize Selection button because once you do this, your housing selection cannot be changed and you are committed to housing and the terms and conditions of the 2021-2022 Housing Agreement.
  • On the Confirmation page, you must click the blue Finalize Selection button to complete your housing selection.   
  • Once you have completed the selection please log out of the housing portal.

If you get an error when starting the room selection process, please keep trying. It could be caused by heavy traffic on the server.