Move-Out Information

Spring 2021 Semester:

Non-graduating residents are expected to check-out 24 hours after their last exam, and no later than 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

Graduating students must check out no later than 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 15.

Residents who are assigned to summer housing in Summer Session I will be permitted to transition directly from their Spring assignment to their Summer Session I assignment but must be present on campus to complete that move when instructed to do so by Residence Life staff. Residents of Bowen, Lee, and Sullivan should plan to transition to their Summer assignment on May 15. Residents in other halls should plan to transition to their Summer assignment on May 18.

Remember – NC State’s COVID-19 Community Standards remain in place through the move-out period.

  • Wear a mask!  Face coverings are required at all times, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Maintain physical distancing. Leave space in hallways and stairwells.
  • Limit move-out assistants.  Whenever possible, we ask that you limit your move-out helpers to no more than 2 individuals.
  • Be sure to respect occupancy limits in elevators.
  • As always, be respectful of your neighbors!  If you are leaving during the exam period, please remember that 24-hour quiet hours are in effect.  Keep all noise to a minimum while packing and moving out since your neighbors may be studying.

How do I check out when leaving University Housing?

  1. You will receive specific instructions related to the check out process for your community from your RA and/or community staff prior to exam week.
  2. If applicable, lower your bed to the designated height and arrange your furniture as instructed. This information will be provided in your community-specific closing materials.
  3. Pick up all mail and packages from your community’s service desk before leaving campus.
  4. Return all temporary keys/fobs or loaned equipment to your community’s service desk.
  5. Clean your room and common areas, including wiping down appliances, drawers, shelves, closets, and cabinets.
  6. Remove all personal belongings from your room and common areas before checking out. Be sure to check laundry rooms and lounges for any missing items. University Housing is not responsible for items left behind after you check-out.
  7. Discard all trash in the exterior dumpsters and recycle bins. Note that in high rise buildings, the trash chutes may be closed during peak move-out periods. Plan to discard trash in containers located outside your building. Leaving trash in your room may result in an improper check out fee being charged to your student account.
  8. Leave the empty trash and recycling bins, furniture, and other university property in the room.
  9. Report any maintenance concerns or damages using the online work order system.
  10. Close and lock all windows; clean out your microfridge (but do not unplug it); set room thermostats to 70 degrees (set to Cool during the spring and Heat during the winter) or to the mid-setting with fan on low speed.
  11. Turn off all lights, and close and lock all doors.
  12. To avoid lock recore charges, you must return all key(s) — to your area service desk — before departure.
  13. To avoid being charged an improper check out fee, you must check out in person at your area service desk or by completing an Express Check-out after hours, returning your key(s) to the dedicated drop box located at your community’s service desk.

Where can I park to load my car?

Between May 3 and May 15, 2021 students and family members may park in residential parking zones with a temporary move-out loading permit. Please register your license plate online for a temporary loading permit.  Visit NC State Transportation’s move-out website for additional instructions and a link to the registration portal. Registering for a loading permit for Move-Out will allow you to park temporarily in residential zones adjacent to University Housing buildings or in specific reserved move-out loading zones. Students are allowed a maximum of 45 minutes to load their vehicles in dedicated move-out loading areas.  Several spaces will be reserved for short-term loading in high traffic areas near residential communities on Main Campus and at Wolf Ridge on Centennial Campus.

What do I need to clean when I move out?

  • Sweep/vacuum the floor (including under furniture), take all trash and recycling to the dumpsters, and remove all personal belongings.  Some limited cleaning supplies and equipment (brooms, vacuums, etc.) may be available for short term use from your community’s Service Desk.
  • Don’t dump unwanted belongings – participate in NC State’s Wolfpack-n-give!  Unopened non-perishable food items may be left in collection bins near each Service Desk to support the Feed the Pack Food Pantry.
  • Leave your room or apartment thermostats in the low fan setting, set to either mid-range (if you have dots on your dial) or at 70 degrees Fahrenheit (if your thermostat has specific numbers).
  • Residence Halls: Clean out the refrigerator/microwave unit but do not unplug micro-fridges.
  • Apartments: Clean the stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and bathrooms. Both bathrooms, living room and kitchen are considered common areas;  everyone is responsible for ensuring they are clean before checking out.

What if I lost my keys or accidentally take them home?

If you have lost your key, notify your community’s Service Desk immediately. If you take your key home following move-out, immediately notify the Residence Life Coordinator for your community. Keys not returned at the time of checkout will result in a lock re-core and subsequent charges to your student account.

What if I accidentally leave belongings here?

University Housing does not provide storage for personal belongings after move-out and closing of residential spaces. If you accidentally leave an item behind, immediately contact the Residence Life Coordinator for your community. While we can make an attempt to locate your belongings, University Housing assumes no liability for the loss, damage, or theft of personal items. University Housing is also not responsible for shipping items to you if they have been left behind. Lost-and-Found items will be donated following the end of the semester.

What about my mail?

If you are staying on campus for the  next academic term (i.e.: Spring to Summer or Fall to Spring) but have a different campus address, your address will be updated in the system and your mail should be forwarded. You should update your addresses with those who send you mail (businesses, employers, banks, family members, etc.) to avoid delays in receiving mail.

If you are not remaining on campus (i.e.: moving home for the summer, participating in a study abroad, etc.), you should update your mailing address information in MyPack Portal and select Contact Information under the Personal Information header. You should also update your addresses with those who send you mail (businesses, employers, banks, family members, etc.) to avoid delays in receiving mail. University Housing cannot forward mail to you. First class mail received after your departure will be returned to sender. Any items deemed to be “junk mail” (including magazines or pre-sorted standard mail) will be recycled.

Please be advised that the last day that service desks will accept packages for spring residents is May 1. Packages that are not picked up by the final closing date of the semester will be returned to sender.

What should I do if my second COVID-19 Vaccination appointment is scheduled after my closing date?

NC State will hold vaccination clinics throughout the summer. If you are able, you can return to campus for your second dose. 

If you are receiving your first dose between now and Monday, April 26: 

  • When you schedule your second dose, let the scheduler know that you are an on-campus resident and need to be scheduled on or before May 15. Student Health Services will work with you as best they can to meet the scheduling needs with Move Out.
  • As soon as you have scheduled your second dose, please let University Housing know that you need to stay later than the indicated May 11 closing date for non-graduates by emailing your community’s residence life coordinator.
  • Some people have felt unwell the day following their second dose; please note that we cannot keep our halls open past May 15 at 5 p.m. After this time, our service desks will be closed for the semester, and we will not have the needed levels of support to assist with checkouts. Please plan accordingly.

If you are receiving your first dose after Monday, April 26, you will need to complete your Move Out as instructed. Options for receiving your second dose include:

  • Return to the NC State Vaccination Clinic on the day of your scheduled second dose.
  • Schedule a time with any other UNC System school to receive your second dose at their vaccination clinic. You will receive information about this from Student Health Services when you get your first dose.
  • Schedule an appointment at an off-campus site. Visit or, in North Carolina, to find a vaccination clinic near you.

What if I need to stay past the closing date?

If you require a stay past the published closing date/time, whether at the end of the Fall semester, Spring semester, or Summer session, you must submit the Late Stay Request form for your Residence Life Coordinator’s approval — no later than the last day of classes. Requests to stay past the published closing date/time will not be considered if received after the last day of class.

What can I do with my belongings over the summer or between semesters?

University Housing does not offer any options for storing belongings over the summer or between academic semesters; however, there are several storage unit facilities in the vicinity of NC State’s campus.  All of your personal items must be completely removed from your space for the summer, even if you are assigned to the same room for the next academic year (unless you are living there during the full summer session). The same is true if you will be moving from one room in the Fall semester to a different room in the Spring semester; all items must be removed from your Fall space before the winter break.

Note: If you’ll remain in the same space from Fall Semester to Spring Semester, you do not need to move out nor turn in your keys over the winter break!

Where can I find information about housing for summer sessions?

Information is available on the University Housing website under Summer Housing. The application for summer housing is typically available in early March via MyPack Portal.

Where can I find information about graduation housing for my family and friends?

You will find the greatest variety of short-term accommodations at local hotels. NC State’s office of Parents and Families Services maintains a list of area hotels that have discounted rates for NC State families. From time to time, University Housing has limited guest accommodations available for guests staying at least 4 nights. Information is available on the University Housing website.

Winter Break – Semester Move-Out Instructions

To prepare for closing, residents are asked to complete the following items before leaving for the break.

  • Set room thermostat: depending on the unit, set the thermostat to 70°, or the middle dot, and set the fan speed to low
  • Submit a work order if you have any maintenance issues in your room or suite.
  • Unplug all personal electronic devices and personal appliances.
  • Remove all perishable food and clean refrigerators and freezers, but leave your micro-fridge plugged in.
  • Remove all trash and recycling from room/bathroom placing in the respective dumpsters.  No trash should be left in rooms or suite bathrooms.
  • Take all valuables and personal items you may need over break, including but not limited to: driver’s license, passport, travel documents, medications, chargers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, favorite outfits, keys, notes, books, and any other item you think you might need while you’re away. Residents will not have access to their buildings during the break.
  • Remove laundry you may have left in the building’s laundry room. (Any items remaining in laundry rooms or common areas will be collected and donated at the end of the semester.)
  • Remember to take your fish with you.
  • Return checked out temporary keys, fobs, and any checked out equipment to your community’s service desk.
  • Pick up all packages and mail from your community’s service desk.
  • Make sure there is no water running (sinks, shower, etc.).
  • Shut and lock all windows. Lower and close all blinds.
  • Turn off all lights. Shut and lock all doors.