Move-Out Information

Non-graduating students are expected to leave 24 hours after their last exam and no later than 10:00 a.m. on May 8, 2019. Graduating seniors must check out of the residence halls by 5:00 p.m. on May 11, 2019.

How do I check out?

  1. You will receive instructions related to the check out process for your community from your RA and/or community staff
  2. If applicable, lower your bed to the designated height and arrange your furniture as instructed.  This information will be provided in your community specific closing materials.
  3. Clean your room and common areas. Discard all trash in the dumpsters and recycle bins.
  4. Remove all personal belongings from your room and common areas before checking out.
  5. Leave the empty trash and recycle bins and other university property in the room.
  6. Report any damages using the online work order system.
  7. Close and lock all windows, turn off all lights, clean out your microfridge (do not unplug it), set thermostats to cool at 72 degrees or to the mid-setting with fan on low speed, close and lock all doors.
  8. To avoid charges, return your key(s) to the RA or your area Service Desk.
  9. To avoid being charged an improper checkout fee, you must check out either with a RA or at your community’s Service Desk.

Where can I park to load my car?

NC State Transportation relaxes parking enforcement in residential areas during finals week. Please register your license place online for temporary loading. Students are allowed 45 minutes to load their vehicle.

What do I need to clean?

  • Sweep/vacuum the floor (including under furniture), take trash to the dumpster, remove wall hangings and all personal belongings.  Some limited cleaning supplied and equipment (brooms, vacuums, etc.) may be available for short term use from your community’s Service Desk.
  • Don’t dump unwanted belongings – participate in NC State’s Wolfpack-n-give!
  • Leave your thermostats in the low fan setting, set to either mid-range (if you have dots on your dial) or at 72 degrees Fahrenheit (if your thermostat has specific numbers).
  • Residence Halls: Clean out the refrigerator/microwave unit but do not unplug them.
  • Wolf Ridge and Wolf Village Apartments: Clean the stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and both bathrooms. Both bathrooms, living room and kitchen are considered common areas;  everyone is responsible for ensuring they are clean before checking out.

What if I lost my keys or accidentally take them home?

If you have lost your key, notify your community’s Service Desk immediately. If you take your key home following move-out, immediately notify the Community Director for your community. Keys not returned at the time of check out for the spring semester will result in a lock re-core and subsequent charges to your student account.

What if I accidentally leave belongings here?

University Housing does not provide storage for personal belongings after vacating and closing of residential spaces. If you accidentally leave an item behind: immediately contact the Community Director for your community.  While we can make an attempt to locate your belongings, University Housing assumes no liability for the loss, damage or theft of personal items.

What about my mail?

If you are staying on campus for the summer but have a different campus address, your address will be updated in the system and your mail should be forwarded.

If you are not staying on campus for the summer, you should update your mailing address information in MyPack Portal and select Contract Information under the Personal Information header.  You should also update your addresses with those who send you mail (businesses, employers, banks, family members) etc. to avoid delays in receiving mail. Magazines and mail sent in presorted standard class will not be forwarded.

Please be advised that the last day that service desks will accept packages for spring residents is May 1. Packages that are not picked up by the final closing date of the semester will be returned to sender.

What if I need to stay past the closing date?

Contact the Community Director for your community as soon as possible.

Where can I find information about graduation housing for my family and friends?

University Housing has limited guest accommodations available.  Information is available on the University Housing website.  You will find the greatest variety of short-term accommodations at local hotels.  NC State’s office of Parents and Families Services maintains a listing of potential hotels in the area which have discounted rates for NC State families.

What can I do with my belongings over the summer?

University Housing does not offer any options for storing belongings over the summer; however, there are several storage unit facilities in the immediate vicinity of NC State’s campus.  All of your personal items are expected to be completely removed from your space for the summer, even if you are assigned the return to the same room for the next academic year (unless you are living there during the full summer session).

Where can I find information about housing for summer sessions?

Information is available on the University Housing website under Summer Housing