Cease the Grease

Cease the Grease, a partnership between University Housing and the Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling, distributes reusable collection containers to residents of Wolf Ridge, Wolf Village, E.S. King Village and Western Manor apartments. After cooking, residents should cool their kitchen grease, pour it into the container and empty the grease into a collection bin located near their apartment’s outdoor waste and recycling site.

Grease will be picked up by GreaseCycle, a Raleigh-based plant specializing in converting grease and oil into useful biofuel. Cease the Grease also helps prevent clogged drains, pests and odors in campus apartments.

The new program is an expansion of the university’s successful cooking grease recycling program in on-campus dining facilities, which recycle about 1,000 gallons of oil a month.

Contact your Residence Advisor (RA) if you have questions or would like more information about the Cease the Grease program.

Will you collect both grease and oil?

  • Yes. Both grease and oil can be recycled together!
  • Grease is the solid white residue left over in a cooled pan.
  • Oil, such as vegetable oil, is the liquid left over from frying foods. It never turns into a solid.ctgcontainer
  • For the Cease the Grease recycling program, we will refer to both as grease.

How do I dispose of my grease?

  1. Cool your kitchen grease.
  2. Pour grease into the reusable container.
  3. Empty your grease into the collection bin located near your outdoor waste and recycling site.

How can I clean my container?

  • After disposing your grease into the collection bin, wipe the container clean with a paper towel.
  • Do not rinse excess grease down the sink.
  • Do not place your reusable container in the dishwasher!

 What will you do with my recycled grease?

Collected cooking grease will be brought back to the GreaseCycle plant in Raleigh and turned into clean burning biodiesel.GreaseCycle

 Why should I recycle my grease?

  • Improper disposal of grease can lead to foul odors and pests in your apartment.
  • It can also clog drains, which often results in costly repairs.
  • Clogs can make your apartment uninhabitable, forcing you (and your neighbors) to relocate.
  • Improper disposal can also lead to road closures due to backed up pipes.

 May I use a different container?

You are welcome to use any metal or glass containers to dispose of your grease in addition to the provided plastic container.ctgwrrlogogreen

**Remember to always allow your grease to cool before transporting it to the collection bin.