Pizza Box Composting

What is The Pizza Box Composting Project?

The Pizza Box Composting Project is a partnership between NC State’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Office and University Housing. The pilot will allow students to compost pizza boxes, pizza slices/crust, napkins and paper plates that would otherwise be thrown in the trash.

Please note: we CANNOT accept plastic pizza stands, plastic sauce containers, plastic utensils, red pepper flake packets or to-go cups! **

Where are the pizza box composting dumpsters located?

  • Bragaw– South, Lee and Sullivan halls (Lee Hall parking lot by the trash dumpster)
  • Bragaw– North, Lee and Sullivan halls (Bragaw Hall parking lot by the trash dumpster)
  • Bowen, Carroll, Metcalf halls (against the brick wall near the trash dumpster)
  • Avent Ferry Complex (waste station by Fort Fisher Hallor F building)
  • Wolf Village (waste station by the bus stop)
  • Wolf Ridge (waste station by Plaza Hall)
  • Quad Commons (formerly Honors Village, against Becton & tucked behind existing trash & recycling dumpsters)
  • Western Manor (central waste station)
  • Wood Hall

Why should I compost my pizza boxes?

NC State currently diverts more than 350 tons of waste from dining facilities each year, keeping it out of the landfill through composting in University Dining’s kitchens. Through the Pizza Box Composting pilot project, students will directly make an impact on the diversion of waste and will allow NC State to scale the program throughout campus.

pizzadumpsterHow does the composting process work?

Check out the process here:


Email questions to Waste Reduction and Recycling or call (919) 515-9421.

Here’s another helpful resource shared by a reader.