Establishing New Friendships

There is a strong sense of community that students will find when living on NC State’s campus. Fellow residents will  be one of the first groups of people students will interact with when they arrive on campus. Students are surrounded by a diverse population of individuals from various majors, countries, states, and backgrounds. Most people find some of their best friends living on campus, often establishing bonds that will last a lifetime.

“I found my best friends in college through living on campus mainly because the people that I meet are just so generous in thought and genuinely nice. A lot of that is based to the fact that University Housing has provided avenues to be able to do that.”

Students use the Talley Student Union. Photo by Marc Hall

-Bannie (Yu) Pan

Students can also find a support system within their neighbors. Most people have a variety of friends who live throughout the building who are great people to connect and develop relationships with because they will be living in the same building throughout the school year.

“Housing makes making friends much easier. I made friends with my suitemates and then became friends with their friends. I also have friends who live in other villages and residence halls and I can make friends with their friends that way too. ” -Sanchit Razdan, First-Year, Computer Science, Sullivan Hall