Frequently Asked Questions

Does the University own Wolf Ridge Apartments?

Yes, Wolf Ridge Apartments are owned and operated by NC State University Housing. Professional full-time staff employed by the university manages all on-campus housing. The undergraduate staff that lives on-site also assist throughout the property in Resident Advisor and Community Ambassador roles, as well as graduate students as Residence Directors and Community Directors.

How long is the residential agreement?

Wolf Ridge Apartments offer students a 9.5-month individual agreement for the four-bedroom units and a 12-month individual agreement for the graduate loft, two and three-bedroom units. This gives students the freedom to stay on campus during winter/spring break and the option of remaining for the summer.

What is an individual agreement?

Each student signs an individual agreement and is only responsible for the cost of his or her own space. This limits financial responsibility to each individual.

Do you require security deposits or fees?

No. University Housing does not believe in gimmicks. If you want to live with us, just sign an agreement. However, if you decide to cancel your agreement with us before the agreement is complete, cancellation fees will apply.

How are mail and packages received?

Mail and packages are delivered to the Wolf Ridge 24-hour service desk on a daily basis. Students may pick up their mail at their designated mailbox and packages at the 24-hour service desk. Read more about mail and packages.

Do you allow pets?

Sorry, no pets allowed. Fish tanks up to ten gallons in size are permitted. See Service and Assistance Animal Information 

How are payments collected?

All charges are collected through the University Cashier’s Office. Each student’s account is charged prior to the semester. For a 9.5-month agreement, fall semester charges are applied in July and spring semester charges are applied in November. For the full 12-month agreement (2Br, 3Br, and loft apartments), an additional charge is applied in May for summer sessions.

Can residents park on Centennial Campus?

Residents living at Wolf Ridge Apartments may purchase Resident Centennial (RC) parking permits through NC State Transportation Department. Permits are sold on an individual basis, but spaces are not reserved.

What if I am graduating or studying abroad and need to break my agreement?

University Housing does not charge cancellation fees if students cancel their housing agreement in order to graduate, study abroad or co-op.

Are Graduate Lofts available for undergrad students?

No, graduate studio lofts and two-bedroom apartments are reserved for graduate students only.