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Meet the Staff

Taylor Sprague – Residence Director

Taylor SpragueEmail:

Hobbies/Interests:  Poetry and spoken word, adventuring and traveling, animals (specifically elephants and dogs), and music.

What makes your residents the best?  Wolf Village residents are passionate and engaged students that are at a point in their college career where they are doing some really amazing things. I am always extremely impressed by the internships, research projects, organizations, and other activities that my residents have experienced. They inspire me to work harder and do better for them, the world, and myself every day.

What is your favorite part of being an RD? I am challenged every day to consider new perspectives and look at the world through a different lens. Whether I am talking to a fellow employee, a resident advisor, or one of my residents, I am exposed to new ideas and worldviews, which allows me to continually grow and learn from those around me.

Leah Campbell – Community Director

Leah Campbell Wolf Village Apartments STATE Village


Hobbies/Interests: I have always had a passion for the arts! I love musicals, concerts, and opportunities to create. good people, good music, and great conversations. Reading, journaling, and Holy yoga are the hobbies that keep me in balance, but ultimately I just love good people, good music, and great conversations.
What makes your residents the best?  I don’t believe my residents are the best because I believe all college students are navigating the gray of adulthood for the first time and it is a process. However, I will say that the students in Wolf Village Apartments are intentional about connecting and engaging in deliberative dialogue for greater growth and understanding, and this I believe sets our residents apart!
What is your favorite part of being a CD?  I am called to impact, influence and inspire! My favorite part of this role is having the opportunity to assist students in becoming their true and authentic selves. Although this role can come with challenges, I go home every night knowing that I’ve impacted someone’s future for the better!

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2730 Wolf Village Way Unit (mailbox number)
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2730 Wolf Village Way
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