Residence Hall Styles

NC State has 20 on-campus residence halls configured in the following styles:

Traditional Hall-Style Buildings

In a traditional hall-style building, the room opens up to a hallway that leads to the rest of the floor with community bathroom(s) shared by all of the residents of the floor. In most cases, halls are co-ed but divided into sections by gender. Housekeeping staff cleans the hallways, stairwells and community bathrooms daily. Since each room opens to a long hallway, these spaces are slightly less private than suite-style buildings. Buildings include Alexander, Bagwell, Becton, Berry, Gold, Owen, Syme, Tucker, Turlington, and Welch.
NC State Hall Style Buildings

Suite-Style Buildings

In suite-style buildings, there are also typically two students per room that share a common bathroom area only used by the suite-mates and their visitors. Suites are gender-specific and can house between 8 and 12 students. Housekeeping staff cleans the bathroom on a daily basis. Suites offer a more private, intimate atmosphere than hall-style buildings. Buildings include Bowen, Bragaw, Carroll, Lee, Metcalf, Sullivan, and Wood.

NC State Suite Style Buildings

Hotel-Style Buildings

Two students share a room with a bathroom. A common space near the service desks brings people together for social and academic events. Buildings include Avent Ferry Complex and North Hall.

NC State Hotel Style Buildings