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When you live on campus, you’ll be at the heart of the Wolfpack nation, making it easy to be a part of all that NC State has to offer. Whether you’re looking for the close-knit community of a village or the diverse social opportunity of a traditional residence hall, we have the housing option that’s right for you.

University Housing NC State

Whether you are a newly admitted first-year freshman, a new transfer student, a graduate student, or studying at NC State as part of an international exchange program — the housing application process for on-campus accommodations is the same.  Please be aware that all new first-year freshmen (those who have not previously completed 2 semesters of college work, regardless of incoming credits) are subject to the First-Year Live-On Requirement.  While all NC State students are encouraged to live-on, graduate students and transfer students are not required to live on campus and housing may be subject to availability.

What to Do First

  • Apply for housing:  The Housing Application for the Spring 2022 semester is now available. The Housing Application for the 2022-2023 academic year will open in mid February. You should complete your University Housing application — and Living and Learning Village application — as soon as possible. Students who have received acceptance for the upcoming academic term may access the housing application through the Campus Living section of MyPack Portal. You will need your Unity ID and password in order to log-in. These details are provided along with your university acceptance information. If you later decide not to attend NC State, you can cancel your housing application without penalties.


  • Consider a Living and Learning Village:  With 15 Living and Learning Villages, there are options to find a community that’s right for you. Villages are communities of students joined by the same academic, personal or lifestyle interests — whether that’s a passion for the arts, a shared identity, a drive to become a great leader, or a commitment to conservation. When you belong to a village, you live and learn in an inclusive, one-of-a-kind community—and make lifelong friends in the process. Currently, 13 Villages are open to first year students, although some have specific requirements (e.g: academic major) for participation.  The Village experience is encouraged but is not required for any first year students, beginning in Fall 2022. Discover all the Living and Learning Village options, and find one that’s right for you!


  • Find a Roommate: Residents are assigned a roommate based on the lifestyle questions completed during the housing application process.  If you already know who you want to live with, make sure that you have both applied and have both formed a “roommate group” in the housing system.  If you’re looking for someone who might be a good fit and want to create new friendships, you’re invited to use the roommate matching tool found within the Housing Application.  The deadline to create roommate groups is June 1.

After You Apply for Housing

  • Make changes if necessary:  Changes to your housing application can be made using MyPack Portal until June 1. Once you’re assigned, changes can be made by University Housing staff only.


  • See your housing assignment:  First-year housing assignments are released in late June for the upcoming academic year. For new spring semester residents (including first-year Spring Connect students), housing assignments are released in early November for the upcoming spring term.


  • Contact your roommate:  Once your assignment is released, you will be able to view the confirmed assignment and your roommate’s information by viewing your Housing application on MyPack Portal. Be sure to get in touch with your roommate prior to the start of the semester. Doing so helps with coordinating what you will each bring as well as begins the process of forming a bond and setting expectations for each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size are the beds? Is laundry included? Get answers to some of our residents’ most common questions.

Resident Resources

Get the details you need to make your transition to living at NC State a smooth one.

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