What We Offer

  • Central campus is a hub of arts activity! Turlington Hall is located next to Price Music Center and the Talley Student Union – all homes of the arts on campus.
  • Room with students who have a passion for the arts! The Arts Village is home to students from diverse personal and academic backgrounds.
  • NC State University Arts VillageFree tickets to Arts NC State and Triangle arts performances and events. All Arts Village students participating in the Arts Forum will receive free admission to all Arts NC State events. Professional performing arts events around the Triangle are also provided at no cost to Forum participants.
  • Insightful interaction with guest artists. The arts departments on campus coordinate fun and interactive activities with artists from off–campus as well as faculty and staff members at NC State.
  • Opportunity and outlet for personal creativity. Classes, hall programs and events coordinated by students happen consistently throughout the year.
  • Priority use of the Masini Practice Room in Price Music Center. To use the Masini Practice Room, students must bring their ID and leave it in 203 Price Music Center in exchange for a key to the Masini Practice Room:
    • 9am – 5pm, Monday-Friday
    • 5-10pm, Monday – Thursday, leave your ID with the building attendant
    • 3-8pm, Sunday