“As a student at NC State who never had an African American professor and who would often be the only African American male in my accounting courses, the initiative gave me the opportunity to connect and interact with other African American males. Through the Black Male Initiative, I learned about life and gained professional skills that I will definitely use in the corporate world. One of the best aspects of the support group last year was the all-expense-paid trip to Washington D.C. to tour the White House. The experience that I have had with the initiative was beyond amazing.”Shawn Edwards, Accounting major


“The Black Male Initiative really brought me closer to some of my fellow brothers. There is no telling where the networking can lead you! Glad I was able to experience the initiative!”Demetrius Tillery, Meteorology major


“This initiative is more than another organization. It creates a bond that will establish friendships and open doors while in and out of college. It gives guidance as you begin to take steps into manhood and become an adult. I appreciated all the talks and enlightening that happened among us as it made me a better person.”Jalen Youmans, Engineering major


“My fondest memory of the Black Male Initiative is when our guest speaker didn’t show up and everyone stayed in the meeting to talk and get to know each other better. We had a good time just hanging around talking about movies and video games. It was a nice pow-wow that I really needed that week. I think that any Black males who would like to have a group of friends that they can count on and have a good time with should join this community.Sean Sanders, Mechanical Engineering major