Prospective Members

What to Expect as a Member of the Village

We are excited you are interested in living with the Impact Leadership Village on campus in Bowen Hall at NC State! The Impact Leadership Village is home to approximately 100 primarily, first-year students with a passion for strengthening their leadership skills and impacting their community. Bowen is a suite-style hall located on central campus. You can find more detailed information including virtual tours, on University Housing’s website. Should you have questions related to the building and Bowen Hall specifically, please contact the Bowen Residence Hall Director or the University Housing assignments office.

Village Move-In and Orientation

One benefit of village membership is getting to move in ahead of the crowd on the main move-in day for the remainder of campus! Move-in and the following orientation days are critical to transitioning into the village, so please keep these dates in mind as you apply!

Thursday: Impact Leadership Village move-in day is the Thursday before general campus move-in. In addition to move-in assistance, undergraduate staff members (community leaders) will be available this day to assist you with getting acclimated to the building and answering any village-related questions you may have. Village members are strongly encouraged to move in this day to be able to participate in the orientation activities taking place the remainder of the weekend.

Friday: While the rest of campus is moving in, Impact Leadership Village members get out of the hustle and bustle by participating in our annual village orientation day of service through projects like Adopt-a-Highway. The rest of the day is filled with community building opportunities organized by the community leaders.

Saturday: Saturday is a critical day for attendance and participation as this is a full-day of experiential teambuilding designed to build connections between suitemates, floors, and the village as a whole. Village members are strongly encouraged to hold this day in preparation. Please contact the Village Director with any conflicts.

Sunday: ILV move-in and orientation culminates with an official village orientation program where village members receive detailed information about class, Impact Leadership Council, and involvement expectations. Village members are expected to attend this session. Please contact the village director with any conflicts.