Opportunities and Expectations

As the only completely student-led village with a recognized student organization, expectations for membership are high, but village members tackle everything in teams with support from all levels of village staff members!


During the fall semester, all village members take the 1-credit, SLC 101 “Community Leadership” seminar. The class focuses on defining and analyzing the Relational Leadership Model on both personal and group levels. Through in-class activities, speakers, trips, and reflections, village members will develop a personalized “leadership portfolio.” By the end of the semester, the “leadership portfolio” will include leadership philosophy statement, service philosophy statement, a proposed service action plan, and a personalized leadership action plan. The Impact Leadership Village director instructs this course.

Impact Leadership Council:

Each ILV member is automatically a member of the Impact Leadership Council. The Impact Leadership Council, hereafter referred to as ILC, is the representative and governing body of the Impact Leadership Village and focuses on improving the experience for all members of the village and wider residential campus community. ILC advocates for, and provides social, academic, philanthropic, and leadership programs for village members. ILC works to create an optimal experience for all village members. ILC has weekly general body meetings and all village members must attend. The ILC general body is further organized into four working committees and one group of suite representatives.

ILC Committee Membership:

In addition to general body attendance, each ILV member is expected to join and actively participate in one of four ILC committees. Membership includes weekly committee meetings as well as planning, implementing, and evaluating committee events. Lead by a returning villager vice president and advised by a community leader, the following committees are available for membership:

Leadership Development Committee: The leadership development committee is responsible for providing ongoing training, activities, and workshops for students within ILV. This committee is responsible for implementing our village speaker series, spring village retreat, and spring leadership conference for local high school students. All village members are expected to attend a minimum number of speaker series sessions each semester.

Marketing and Recruitment Committee: The marketing and recruitment committee is responsible for identifying the needs for apparel, social media presence, and recruiting future members. This committee develops our village swag and works high profile recruitment events.

Community Outreach Committee: The community outreach committee is responsible for providing community service opportunities to village residents like our Adopt-a-Highway cleanup, visits to the UNC Children’s Hospital, and many other local initiatives. They review the needs of the community and identify agencies that share similar beliefs. All village members are expected to fulfill a minimum number of village-sponsored community service hours each semester.

Event Planning Committee: The event planning committee is responsible for providing social and team building opportunities to village residents. They review the needs of the community and identify activities that meet those needs like travel to Charlotte for SCarowinds or heading over to free movies at the campus cinema.

Suite Representatives: One person from each suite will be elected as their suite representatives. Suite representatives will represent the collective voice of first-year village members.

With elections occurring in August, there are opportunities for first-year Village members to run for leadership roles within ILC including: Vice-President Pro Tem of the Leadership Development Committee, Vice-President Pro Tem of the Marketing and Recruitment Committee, Vice-President Pro Tem of the Community Outreach Committee, Vice-President Pro Tem of the Event Planning Committee, and Suite Representative.

Additional Program Opportunities:

One of the best perks of living in a village is access to additional programming opportunities beyond those offered to the general campus population. For example, the village community leaders, undergraduate peer mentors, will plan and implement tailor-made programs each month to address village members’ needs and desires for growth. We also have a strong presence in campus traditions such as Shack-A-ThonCampout, and more. Finally, we connect regularly with our community partners to support their signature programs such as the Hugh Shelton Leadership Center’s annual Shelton Leadership Forum and the Center for Student Leadership Ethics and Public Service’s Leadership Development Program.

Spring Opportunities:

The potential for involvement is endless with spring programming led by the Impact Leadership Council! While there is no class component, there are still ample opportunities to keep learning and growing one’s leadership skills through events like spring retreat, the spring break trip, and the annual leadership conference we host for local high school students.