Native Space

Native Space“Find Your Space, Find Your Family”

Native Space provides a community and network of support for students who identify as Native American or have an interest in learning about Native American culture.  Students living in Native Space will  immerse themselves in Native American culture while providing them with the tools to enhance their educational experience at NC State.

Students will have the opportunity to engage with the Native American Student Association (NASA) and other University Colleges and Departments to aid them in their holistic development. Native Space students will have the opportunity to attend professional development workshops, social gatherings throughout the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill areas, and attend cultural immersion experiences. .

Learning Outcomes


A deeper understanding of Native American culture is a critical part of this experience. A result of living in this community students will have the opportunity to learn to delve deeper into their tribal affiliation while learning about the remaining Native American Tribes in North Carolina.


Native Space is committed to the retention and persistence of its members. Our workshops will aid students in obtaining the knowledge needed to capitalize on their educational experience by identifying and engaging in high impact learning experiences.

Community Engagement:

It is our hope for Native Space to become your home away from home. Through participation in Native Space, our students will have the opportunities to create and maintain supportive relationships with their peers, faculty, and staff. These relationships will aid in their holistic development as they become global scholars.

Student Expectations

As a result of living in the village, students move in early and participate in team building activities with their peers in the village. First-year students are signed up to participate in the Multicultural Student Affairs Symposium for Multicultural Scholars. The symposium is a summer educational and transitional experience aimed to foster a sense of community for incoming first-year students and to provide them with information about campus support, personnel, coping strategies, and their cultural heritage as a basis for helping ensure their academic, social and emotional success at NC State.  The programming opportunities coupled with the engagement level of our students’ aid in making this experience an impactful one for the students in the community. In order to accomplish this, we require students to attend regularly schedule village meetings where they receive programming updates as well as participate in academic and professional development workshops. Students will also have the opportunity to dive deeper into Native American heritage through their participation in Native American Heritage Month and assisting in the planning and execution of the NC State Pow Wow.

Meet the Staff

Meet the Village Professional Staff Leadership Team

The village professional staff leadership team consist of the following three people: Susan Lawhead (Wood Hall Community Director), Curtis (CJ) Jackson Jr (Assistant Director for East Campus in University Housing), and April Hammonds (Assistant Director for Intercultural Initiatives). As the village leadership team, they’re responsible for creating an experience for the students in the village rooted in culture, community engagement, and scholarship. The team works hard to ensure the students in the community are gaining the competence and knowledge needed to become the global scholars leading our country and communities into the future.

Meet the Village Mentor

The village mentor is a crucial component of a successful Native Space Village. The Native Space Mentor is an upper-class student who serves as a liaison between the village community and university staff. The mentor is passionate seeks to assist in creating an environment where the village community can immerse themselves into the NC State community by assisting the students to identify ways to develop positive social connections socially as well as aiding the students in succeeding academically and expanding their knowledge around Native American culture.

Contact Information

April Hammonds

Assistant Director for Intercultural Initiatives in Multicultural Affairs


Susan Lawhead

Wood Hall Community Directory, University Housing


Curtis “CJ” Jackson, Jr.

Assistant Director Southeast Campus, University Housing