SAY Village

SAY Village

Enjoy working with children? Looking to make a difference in your community? You’re in the right place. Students Advocating for Youth Village (SAY Village) is just the place for you as a first-year student!

Whether your career goal is to become a teacher, doctor, psychologist, engineer, park ranger, entrepreneur, graphic designer or anything else – SAY Village will provide valuable experiences and interactions to connect with youth in positive and productive ways.  We are looking for students from all backgrounds and all majors with an interest in contributing to the lives of younger, under-served children in our local community.

Youth Advocacy

  • Develop a year-long mentoring relationship with a fourth or fifth grade student from one of three participating Wake County schools. You’ll meet with your mentee weekly for fun, conversation, and developmental activities to help them build upon their potential.
  • SAY Education Advisors will meet with you periodically to help you brainstorm how to make the best of your time with your mentee and talk through your victories and challenges as a mentor.
  • Enroll in ED 150 and ED 151, “Issues in Youth Advocacy” (1 credit each) to learn about issues related to youth in today’s North Carolina, ethical issues in work with youth, and how  legislation and policy affects youth organizations.
  • Engaging conversations with youth advocates and faculty members over dinner.
  • Second year students are paired with middle school mentees for a new experience. Remember middle school? Let’s agree that everyone needs a friend in their corner during those years.  That person can be you.

Life on Campus

  • SAY provides a caring and collaborative environment where you form friendships that will last a lifetime. Come into college with a built-in social network!
  • SAY doesn’t just work hard—we play hard, too. Enjoy social activities in the convenience of your residence hall like game nights, lip sync battles, dances, and dinners.
  • Enjoy one-on-one interaction with faculty in and out of the classroom.
  • Complete coursework in the comfort of home in our SAY computer lab in Syme Hall.

Raleigh and Beyond

  • Raleigh is your home while you are here as well as being your mentees, so we think it’s important you have the chance to explore. Outings include going to the fair with your mentee, Krispy Kreme runs, and museum trips.
  • This year, we traveled to Savannah, Georgia for the National Youth-at-Risk conference where we learned about how to meet the serious challenges facing our youth.
  • Each year, SAY travels to Washington, D.C. during fall break and meets with various youth advocates who are dedicated to helping our youth.


Interested in joining SAY Village? Apply in MyPack Portal today. We’d love to have you live learn, and grow with us!

Contact Information

Robin McWilliams
SAY Director, College of Education

Angelina Knies
SAY Assistant Director, College of Education