Residence Hall Wireless Coverage

University Housing and Office of Information Technology has been busy installing new wireless routers throughout many of the residence halls as well as Wolf Village and Wolf Ridge Apartments. These routers are designed to provide seamless coverage throughout each building including individual rooms.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding residence hall wireless coverage:

What is the SSID?

An SSID (Service Set IDentifier) is the primary name associated with name of the wireless local area network. Client devices use this name to identify and join wireless networks. NC State University recommends using the secure SSID eduroam. You can sign up by going to The unsecured SSID ncsu can be used for devices that can’t be registered with eduroam.

Can I bring my own router?

If you are in a residence hall or apartment with full wireless coverage, then personal routers are not allowed. Any router that interferes with the NC State-provided WiFi will be removed from the network.

Can I bring a wireless printer?

We recommend you do not use a wireless printer. You should connect your computer directly to the printer with a USB cable. Wireless printers generally are difficult to secure and you are likely to have other people printing to it without your permission.

How do I connect my game console?

For the best gaming experience, we recommend connecting your game console via Ethernet instead of wireless. All game consoles need to be registered before they will be allowed on the network, whether connected via wireless or Ethernet. Registration must be done once you are on campus. The link will be provided at a later date.

Which residence halls have wireless?

You can obtain a full list of the halls with wireless coverage here.

For additional information regarding campus IT, please visit Office of Information Technology.