Student Employment

“ I was thankful to go through two years of [a] mentorship [role] with people who were dedicated to serving the community. If you are committed you can make a huge difference in a student’s life.” Bannie (Yu) Pan

University Housing is one of the largest student employers on campus and there are a variety of roles available for students to harness their talents. Students interested in becoming RAs can apply after their first year. Working as an RA is an experience full of useful skills that will benefit students post-graduation.

CA, Mia Freeland, and her co-workers are pictured during their fall staff training

Community Assistants service the 24-hour desks in the halls and apartments while Resident Mentors support new village residents in Living and Learning Villages. University Housing offers students various opportunities to gain office experience as well, from Housing Ambassadors who assist other students with their needs and concerns to marketing interns who develop material to share housing information. There is a little bit of something for everyone!


I enjoy working with the RA and CA staff over at Sullivan. We have all meshed really well. I liked the idea of coming back to campus this year without having to start all over. It is a hike [from North] but the people I work with are worth it.”

-Mia Freeland