Student Leaders Live on Campus: Lily Jan and Hunter Jackson

Lily Jan, a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering, and Hunter Jackson, a sophomore studying Paper Science and Engineering, have lived together for the past two years in Metcalf Hall, with plans to live together for a third year in the fall. Jan and Jackson are not only roommates but also the Hall Council President and Community Assistant (CA) for Metcalf, respectively.

The two girls met when as suitemates their freshman year at NC State. Jackson said she had barely met her suitemates when she received a text from Lily down the hall. “At first I was confused, but I went to the room to see what was going on,” Jackson said. “When I walked in, I saw Lily stuck behind her roommate’s bed. She had climbed up to see something and decided that the best way to get down was by squeezing between the bed and the wall.”

The rest of the year, Jackson and Jan grew to be close friends. “I think we work well as roommates because we have similar personalities and interests,” Jan said. “We understand one another and just enjoy spending time together.”

Jackson believes the important qualities of a roommate are respect and openness. “Lily and I are not completely alike in that she is sometimes messier, or the fact that I like to sleep way more than her, but we both try to respect each other and do what we can to try not to bother one another,” she said. They also communicate when something bothers them so the little things don’t build up.

“Lily is very fun to be around and I enjoy her company,” Jackson said. “It’s nice to come home from working on a stressful assignment or a tough test because she has this ability to lighten the mood. I feel that I can talk to her about anything and we really just understand each other.”

Jan’s favorite part about living on campus is the atmosphere and the community. “There is never a dull moment on campus,” she said. “I am always meeting new people both in and outside of my hall. Freshman year I decided to live on campus because I thought it would be a good way to meet people and get involved outside of school, and I was definitely right.”

Jan decided to live on campus her sophomore and junior year for the same reason. Living on campus is convenient for her because she can walk to everything and attend events on campus without worrying about transportation.

“The biggest perk to living on campus is the accessibility,” Jackson said. “I can leave for work five minutes before I have to be there and I am also able to cover shifts on snow days.”

As a CA at Metcalf’s 24-hour Service Desk, Jackson is expected to deliver the mail to the Tri-Towers, sort and log packages when they arrive, handle keys and checkouts for residents and answer any questions for anyone who visits the desk. CA’s are the first point-of-contact for the residents, so it’s important to provide the best information possible and create an atmosphere that anyone would want to live in.

“I honestly decided to become a CA in Metcalf to make some extra money to spend,” she said. “But while the paycheck is nice, the best part of my job is being able to interact with residents because I get to be involved with people I would otherwise never have met. I think that my job as a CA has probably helped me grow the most as far as non-academic involvement goes. I have been able to improve my relationships with my coworkers, as well as the residents of the Tri-Towers, while improving my abilities to multitask, stay organized and handle stressful situations.” She also feels that the job has helped her become more independent because she is better at making decisions and has more confidence.

In addition to her CA position, Jackson is also a member of Metcalf’s Hall Council, the Engineering Village, Engineering Council (E-Council) and the student Technological Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) chapter.

Jan is the Hall Council President for Metcalf Hall. She facilitates Hall Council Meetings, and together as a council, catering to the needs and interests of about 400 residents integrating them into campus life, she said.

“I thought it would be a good way to get involved on campus,” Jan said. “My favorite part about Hall Council is planning the events as a group in our meetings. Everyone gets excited and has so many ideas. I can tell they are really interested and enjoy being a part of the council.”

In addition to Hall Council President, Jan is also involved with the E-council, the Engineering Village, the Scholars Program and an undergraduate representative in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Laboratory Committee.

“My experiences through [my involvement] have taught me more about leadership and time management,” she said. “Through Hall Council, I have learned that sharing the workload with others allows everyone to focus on one aspect of a project and to complete it to the best of their abilities. As a team, you can accomplish things that you normally would not have been able to do on your own.”