Tag: Developing Leaders

April 19, 2016

I’ll take Sullivan Hall for $400, Alex

Contestants eagerly press the buttons on their clickers, fighting to be the first to buzz in to answer a question. It’s the 2016 College Championship of America’s favorite quiz show, “Jeopardy” and competition has reached

March 29, 2016

Think, Do and Make-A-Thon

A crowd of creative and driven students gathered in the Duke Energy Hall of Hunt Library for a weekend filled with researching, designing, prototyping and building new solutions to support campus sustainability in the areas of energy, water and waste.

March 1, 2016

Navigating the Partner-in-Residence Experience

The first time I saw our apartment, I was cynical. The floors were covered in building materials, and the bathrooms lacked faucets. The ceilings were conspicuously absent, and, strangest of all, the whole thing was