Engineering Village

Engineering Village

The ‘E’ in Engineering is for Excitement!”

 – Dr. Louis Martin Vega, Dean, College of Engineering, NC State


About the Engineering Village (EV)

Established in 2013, the Engineering Village is an exciting living and learning environment for first-year students interested in pursuing engineering as a major at NC State. The program represents an exciting collaboration between the College of Engineering and University Housing.

Student living in the Engineering Village make NC State feel more like home by being part of a supportive and nurturing environment while connecting with peers who share similar interest and passions. We cultivate young minds into future engineers and successful alumni by providing personal, professional and leadership development for students. With a supportive and knowledgeable team that includes a full-time Village Director with industry experience, 12 upper-class engineering student mentors and a PhD Scholar-in-Residence, we ease the transition into NC State and the College of Engineering to ensure student success.  Our community encourages collaborative learning, student-faculty interactions and engagement in high-impact co-curricular experiences beyond the traditional classroom environment.

Our Mission

The Engineering Village strives to amplify the goals of the First-Year Engineering Program including retention, academic success, personal and professional development through an enriched and transformative co-curricular residential experience.


By participating in the Engineering Village, students will:

  • Develop a professional engineering identity
  • Meet students with common interests, passions and build lasting friendships
  • Increase self-awareness by acknowledging personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore career and personal goals
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Maintain a balance between academic and personal life
  • Increase self-efficacy through short-term goal attainment
  • Develop a service mindset by participating in STEM outreach

The Engineering Village will help to:

  • Increase the retention rates of students who enroll in engineering at NC State
  • Increase the average GPA of students pursuing engineering degrees
  • Increase the graduate rates of students in engineering at NC State
  • Increase participants’ knowledge of career options in engineering
  • Increase participants’ involvement in internships, co-ops and research

Application Information

Acceptance into the Engineering Village is not a guarantee. Students are encouraged to apply early because spaces fill up fast.

To be considered, students must:

  • Be accepted into the College of Engineering
  • Have an interest in engineering
  • Desire to live in a co-educational environment with other students pursuing engineering.


Roommate Preferences

Due to the popularity of the Engineering Village, roommates must also be admitted engineering students and have submitted an application to the Engineering Village.  If you are accepted to the Engineering Village, your roommate is automatically approved; provided there is a village application on file and they too have been admitted to the College of Engineering.

Important Dates

Engineering Village Move-In:  Thursday, August 10 at 10:00 am

Village Welcome Event:  Thursday, August 10, 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Howl on the Lawn:  Thursday, August 10, 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Village Orientation:  Friday, August 11, 9:00 am

Students who have to attend New Student Orientation during this period will be excused and will be able to join the Village after orientation activities.

Program Expectations

As participants in the Engineering Village, students are expected to:

  • Attend monthly engagement group meetings led by their assigned mentor
  • Attend village orientation and participate in village welcome events
  • Attend College of Engineering welcome and welcome back bash
  • Participate in one community service event per month
  • Participate in two STEM outreach events per semester

Program Benefits

  • Upper-class engineering mentors
  • Scholar-in-Residence
  • Block scheduling in core courses (math, chemistry, and physics)
  • Academic support (academic advising, study groups, and tutoring)
  • Speaker series
  • K-12 STEM outreach opportunities
  • Community service
  • Company tours
  • Leadership experiences
  • Undergraduate research
  • Access to study suite and computer lab with Maple, Matlab, SolidWorks and VPython
  • Alternative Service Breaks to Nicaragua
  • Industry STEM nights
  • Networking luncheons
  • Annual ski trip for top 50 participants

Engineering Village Scholar-in-Residence

The Scholar-in-Residence (SIR) program connects interested faculty or postdoc students with first- and second-year engineering students in living and learning villages with shared professional, academic and personal interests. This is a unique opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with scholars and faculty outside of formal spaces (classrooms, labs, and office hours) to bridge the connection between in-class learning and out-of-class experiences. The SIR engages students who live in Metcalf Hall in learning that deepens and broadens their intellectual experiences at NC State.

Meet Hafizul our Scholar-in-Residence for 2016 – 2017

Engineering Village Scholar in ResidenceHafizul is a PhD student and a researcher in the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of North Carolina State University. He earned a B. Sc. in Industrial and Production Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and a Master of Business Administration (Finance) from Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. He started his career as a faculty at ME Department of MIST, Bangladesh in Fall 2011. In January 2012 he joined IDLC Finance Limited as an MTO and served them for two and a half years working in different departments before he joined his PhD program at NC State in Fall 2014. During his bachelors and master’s studies he was a resident of university housing and was highly involved in different activities organized by and for the housing residents. He also used to mentor high school students in purpose of helping them achieve their desired academic success during his studies in Bangladesh, which he continued here at NC State while he was serving as TA at ISE department from Fall 2014 to Spring 2016. With a blend of industrial, academic and research experiences juxtaposed by his university housing and mentoring experiences, Hafizul becomes the ideal Scholar-in-Residence to provide better guidance for first-year engineering students.

Connect with Engineering Village

The village has several mediums to share information and updates.  Please connect with us. We encourage posting questions to our facebook page to ensure others see your questions and share relevant information.

Facebook: @ncstateengineeringvillage

Twitter: @ncsuengrvillage

Instagram: @ncsu_engineeringvillage

Contact Us

Chester Miller

Director, Engineering Village

University Housing

Phone: 919-515-7666

Brian Koehler

Director, Student Engagement

College of Engineering

Phone: 919-515-3263