Impact Leadership Village


We are excited you are interested in living on campus at NC State in Bowen Hall. The Impact Leadership Village (ILV) is home to 80 students with a passion for strengthening their leadership skills and impacting their community. Join us, and make an IMPACT today!

The Impact Leadership Village began in 2009 as a place for students to strengthen their leadership skills to become better leaders in today’s world. We value and recognize the importance of having different backgrounds, academic focuses and perspectives to address the many issues we face today in our communities.

Please fill out your Community Leader application for the 2017-2018 year through this link.

Within the Impact Leadership Village residents will:

  • Meet new people and develop lasting relationships
  • Organize and participate in service opportunities
  • Identify and strengthen personal and professional leadership skills
  • Engage in practical application of leadership to real-world issues

The Impact Leadership Village Experience

Each student living in ILV will have a unique individual experience. Take advantage of all your opportunities:
  • Impact Leadership Council: Serve on the executive board of the Impact Leadership Village. Make a difference in your community by leading with vision and passion. Apply for a position that suits your strengths, including President, Vice President, Chair of Community Outreach, Chair of Administration, Chair of Marketing and Recruitment and Chair of Leadership Development
  • Leadership Development Committee: The Leadership Development committee is responsible for providing ongoing training, activities and workshops for students within ILV. This committee is also responsible for implementing our fall and spring leadership conference for college and high school students.
  • Marketing and Recruitment Committee: The Marketing and Recruitment committee is responsible for identifying the needs of ILV residents for apparel, social media presence, and recruiting future members.
  • Community Outreach Committee: The Community Outreach committee is responsible for providing community service opportunities to Village residents. They review the needs of the community and identify agencies that share similar beliefs.
  • Fall Retreat: Camp Boddie in Eastern N.C.
  • Fall Break Trip: Philadelphia, Pa. or Washington D.C.
  • USC 298: All Village members must take this class during the fall semester. The class focuses on all forms of leadership, including leadership styles, goal setting, transformative leadership and community leadership.

Resident Testimonials

“One of the greatest parts of the Impact Leadership Village is the community. I am surrounded by individuals who want to improve, not just our own community, but to extend and enhance the NC State Community as well. These individuals are not just members of my community, but they are also some of my closest friends. The Impact Leadership Village has forever changed my experience at NC State.”— Joshua De Joya, sophomore Life Science major

“What I love most about the Impact Leadership Village is the community that is felt from day one. These people are leaders and they care about the mark they make on the world. Living around people that are passionate like you can only set you more on fire for service.” –Leah Breindel, junior Animal Science major

Apply to the Impact Leadership Village

  • If you are interested in applying to the Impact Leadershipo Village, you must first complete a Housing Application in MyPack Portal.
  • Once you complete your Housing Application, return to the Housing Self Service Page and complete the Living and Learning Village Application.
  • All completed ILV applications will have a “Pending” status. Upon review and acceptance of your application, the status will change to “Approved” and you will receive an email.
  • Application review will begin in February and residents will be accepted on a rolling basis. Applications received prior to May 1 will receive priority.
  • Incoming residents students will be placed available rooms on ILV floors in Bowen Hall. If you request a roommate, he or she must also be accepted into the Village. ILV residents may not room with non-Village residents. All roommates must be part of the Village.

Contact Us

Durell Hurst
Assistant Director, Tri-Towers, University Housing

Misty Dothage
Project Coordinator, Tri-Towers, University Housing

Corey Ulloa
Residence Director, Bowen Hall