WISE Village


The Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) Village is a living and learning community designed especially for first and second-year women in the Colleges of:

  • Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Natural Resources
  • Sciences
  • Textiles

WISE Village is located in Lee Hall on West Campus and provides women scientists and engineers the opportunity to network with each other in the classroom and beyond. The experience begins with a summer bridge program where participants meet their mentors, get to know each other, acclimate to NC State and have fun!

Other unique WISE Village features include block scheduling in core courses, tutoring, study groups, speaker series, social and cultural events, professional development opportunities, faculty dinners, community service and K-12 outreach opportunities, and more!

Residential Experience

WISE brings first and second-year female students and upper-class resident mentors together in Lee Hall, with the goal of enhancing their academic success and providing them with positive experiences as they live and study with others who share common interests. WISE occupies three floors in Lee Hall and the lounges on floors 8 and 9 are equipped with computers for WISE women to use. WISE Village residents can not have a non-Village roommate. Roomates must be a part of the Village.

Academic Experience

The WISE Village is a supportive environment for future engineers and scientists to engage in focused inquiry within their disciplines and develop the skills and talents necessary to become successful professionals. WISE Village also provides a unique speaker series highlighting dynamic women with interesting and successful careers in science and engineering fields. There are many other opportunities for WISE women to enhance their academic success and build lasting relationships with fellow students, mentors, faculty and staff members.

Programming Efforts

WISE Village plans social, educational and cultural activities to help residents interact with each other and develop a sense of community while exploring opportunities for interacting in a global society. For example, “WISE Wednesdays,” an evening social hour, gives residents the opportunity to develop interpersonal relationships while enjoying food and good company. Throughout the year, seminars, cultural trips and industry visits are planned to give the participants an idea of what life beyond college is all about. Village residents may also receive free tickets to local events, spend quality time with their assigned mentor group, and participate in community service opportunities at local schools, foodbanks and other agencies. During their community service time in local schools, WISE Villlage residents mentor aspiring science, math and engineering students. The Speaker Series offers residents an intimate look at the lives of successful female professional engineers, scientists, and mathematicians.

Academic Benefits

WISE Village offers first-semester class clustering as well as academic support for basic science and math classes required for all engineering, math and science majors. What does this mean? It’s easy to form study groups within WISE since many of the women are taking the same or similar courses. WISE Village also provides academic support through tutoring and mentoring. The floor lounges and office space is also equipped with computers and resource materials for studying in groups and individually.

What is Summer Bridge?

At the beginning of the school year, WISE Village participants move to campus early for the Summer Bridge program. During the program, women get a taste of what it’s like to be a woman in math, science and engineering – it’s about discovery, innovation and teamwork. At the Summer Bridge program, residents not only meet each other and their upper-class mentor for the first time, they also spend quality interaction time laying the foundation upon which future relationships can form. Women discuss academics, college life and explore ways to balance it all. There are also hands-on activities to stimulate the use of problem-solving skills and creativity. Summer Bridge ultimately provides WISE women with the essential knowledge and resources to navigate the first several weeks of their freshmen year.

Unique Community Features

  • Resident mentors
  • Block scheduling in core courses
  • Academic support
  • Women’s Speaker Series
  • Social and cultural events
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Field experiences
  • Interaction with faculty and staff members outside the classroom
  • Community service and K-12 outreach opportunities
  • Scholar-in-Residence – Meet Dr. Patsy Sibley. Learn more about the Scholar-in-Residence Experience from her partner Jacob Clayton.
  • And more!

Contact Information

Kathy Titus-Becker
Wise Director