2019 Wolf Den Design Challenge

The results are in! Congratulations to everyone who entered this year’s Wolf Den Challenge! And the winners are…

Grand Prize:  Noah and Zach Schwartz – Wolfpack Spirit

Moving from the dorms to the Wolf Ridge apartments allowed us to expand our Wolfpack spirit everywhere! Our inspiration is the Red and White. Throughout the rooms are also some accents of our pastimes, such as music, technology, and of course, collecting State memorabilia. We can’t think of anything that makes us feel more at home than the Wolfpack! – Noah and Zach Schwartz

People’s Choice Award: Kailee Storie and Sarah White

We wanted to create a space full of bright color to make it a happy and inclusive environment for everyone who stops by! We were able to fit the circle couch for guests to have a place to sit and relax. We wanted to include a lot of yellow to remind everyone of sunshine, while also still incorporating some of the NC State décor because we love the Wolfpack! Go Pack! – Kailee Storie and Sarah White

Home Sweet Home: Sonia Dubiansky

Samantha and I gathered our room inspiration from combining our favorite colors together to form our black, white, and teal theme. We bought MANY sets of string lights and pinned SO many ideas on Pinterest in order to create our dream dorm room! – Sonia Dubiansky


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