University Housing

University Housing provides a transformative residential experience that stimulates student growth and empowers individuals to reach their full potential

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  • Immersive Learning Civil Rights History Trip Informative, Transformative

    April 10, 2019

    Recently, a group of 35 students embarked on a Division of Academic and Student Affairs sponsored learning experience that took them across hundreds of miles and through hundreds of years of Civil Rights history.

  • Alumni Spotlight: Chelsea Gardner

    February 21, 2019

    In this edition of the Alumni Spotlight, we had the opportunity to chat with Chelsea Gardner (Class of 2015) about her post-graduate career with Edelman (a global communications firm) and her current pursuit of an MBA at UNC.

  • What’s with all the scooters?

    November 29, 2018

    You’ve seen them zipping down streets, sidewalks, ramps, and alleyways. You’ve heard their notable chime when somebody hops on. E-scooters, Birds, Limes — whatever you want to call them — electric scooters have taken U.S. cities

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May 8
  • May 8
    Non-graduating residents

    Residents who are not graduating are expected to move out of the residence halls as well as 9.5-month residents of Wolf Ridge and Wolf Village within 24-hours of last final exam.

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May 11
  • May 11
    Graduating residents

    Residents who are graduating may remain until 5:00 p.m. the day of the commencement.

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