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Doing laundry on campus is quick, easy and convenient.

University Housing communities are equipped with state-of-the-art laundry facilities and an online monitoring system. University Housing costs include laundry in all residence halls and apartments. Machines do not require payment to wash or dry.

Wolf Village residents: Watch the laundry how-to video for tips about laundry and stacking in-unit washers and dryers.

Check your laundry status

  • Speed Queen Insights is an online laundry monitor that allows you to check the status of machines at any time. To view NC State’s laundry rooms, use Location Pin: NCSU01.
  • Speed Queen Insights also offers text alerts. Laundry machines will send a message notification to users when the wash/dry cycle is complete.
  • Access Speed Queen Insights via app: Apple Store (iPhone App) or Google Play (Android App).

Issues with a washer or dryer?

  • Smartphone users can scan Caldwell & Gregory’s Service Ability QR code on the machine and instantly submit a service request.
  • Make a service request online to contact dispatch directly and quickly resolve issues.
  • Call (800) 927-9274 to speak with a customer service representative.

What’s so great about high-efficiency machines?

  • Energy Star rated high-efficiency machines clean effectively and save the environment. High-efficiency, front-loading machines have a larger capacity for more clothes and use less water than conventional laundry equipment.

Do high-efficiency machines require special instructions?

  • For best results in high-efficiency machines, use only two tablespoons of concentrated HE detergent.