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Tucker Hall

Tucker is centrally located in the T.O.T.A. (Tucker, Owen, Turlington, Alexander) community of central campus (view 360°). Each room in Tucker has a sink, while residents share common hall bathrooms. Holmes Hall is conveniently located across the street and includes a service desk, classrooms, advisors for the Exploratory Studies majors, and meeting space. The Tucker/Owen Beach outdoor recreation area is a popular spot for students to relax or study. Each year residents battle for naming rights to the “beach” through a series of festive competitions. 

Campus map with Tucker and Owen residence halls highlighted in red.

Floor Plan

Model room in Tucker Hall.

Average Measurements

  • Room Size: 18’9″ (l) x 11’4″ (w) x 8’6″ (h)
  • Window: 41″ (w) x 58″ (h)
  • Desks: 44″ (l) x 24″ (w) x 30″ (h)
  • Study Tables: 24″ (l) x 18″ (w) x 30″ (h)
  • Pedestal Dressers: 30″ (l) x 24″ (w) x 30″ (h)
  • Loft Bed Frames: 85″ (l) x 37.75″ (w)
  • Mattresses: 80″ (l) x 36″ (w) x 7″ (h)
  • Microfridge: 43″ (h) x 18.5″ (w) x 17.5″ (d)
  • Closets: 80″ (h) x 28″ (w) x 34″ (d) some are larger

Room Features

  • Bed Size: Extra-long twin
  • WolfTV Streaming: Included
  • Wireless: Yes, WiFi throughout
  • Closets: Yes
  • In-room Sink: Yes
  • Loftable Furniture: Yes
  • Microfridge: Yes

Hall Features

  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Bathroom Facilities: Two community bathrooms per floor
  • Card Access: Yes
  • Community Kitchen: Yes
  • Computer Lab: Yes, at Holmes Hall
  • Elevators: Yes
  • Floors: 4
  • Service Desk: Holmes Hall
  • Laundry Facilities: Yes
  • Living and Learning Village: N/A
  • Lounges: Yes
  • Occupancy: 358 residents
  • Room Style: Hall-style
  • Smoke Detectors/Fire Sprinklers: Yes
  • Smoke-Free: Yes

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Tucker Hall
2800 Cates Ave
Raleigh, NC 27607