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Students hang out outside of Turlington residence hall

Frequently Asked Questions

Check our answers to the most frequently asked questions about University Housing.

Future Residents

All full-time NC State students may live on campus.

Sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students may live in Wolf Ridge Apartments and Wolf Village Apartments. First-year students may also live in the inner four buildings in Wolf Village Apartments. E.S. King Village Apartments serves NC State’s graduate and non-traditional undergraduate population. Western Manor Apartments are available for upper-class students, NC State faculty and staff members.

We offer single occupancy rooms in several residence halls including Watauga, Wood and Avent Ferry. Wolf Ridge Apartments and Wolf Village Apartments have four single-person bedrooms per apartment. Single rooms are only available to returning students with a current housing assignment.

New first-year students are typically only assigned to single rooms when there is a medical need that has been approved by the Disability Resource Office. When available, the single rooms for returning students can be requested when the room change process begins.

Yes, all incoming first-year students (with a few exceptions) are required to live on campus.

University Housing offers many housing options that fit a variety of needs. If you have a specific concern, please email us at

Once accepted to NC State, you can apply for housing by completing a University Housing application in MyPack Portal.

Yes, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. There is no penalty to cancel your housing agreement if you do not attend the university.

Exploratory Studies program participants may opt to apply to the Exploratory Studies Village (ESV), but it is not mandatory. ESV will be housed in Tucker Hall and admission to the village is not automatic or guaranteed due to space constraints. If a student is accepted to ESV, their roommate must also be in the Exploratory Studies program. 

Look for the preferred roommate block on the University Housing application. Search for your roommate and then add him/her to your application. All roommate requests must be mutual, so remind your preferred roommate to accept his/her roommate request in MyPack Portal in order to complete the process.

Room assignments are released in late June. You’ll receive an email from University Housing congratulating you on your assignment with instructions to view your assignment and roommate contact information in MyPack Portal.

You may change your University Housing application after you have submitted it. However, once you have been assigned, only University Housing staff can make changes to your assignment. You are encouraged to make all adjustments to your application by May 1 to ensure they are taken into consideration when assignments are made.

First, check for these common issues:

  • The email entered does not match the email on your University Housing application. 
  • Your University Housing application is incomplete.
  • Our system does not allow parents to manually enter the date of birth. Please use the calendar and headings instead of the arrows to fill in the birth date.

All cost information is listed on our costs page.

For billing dates and information about paying for housing charges and other fees, please visit

Yes, laundry access is included in room costs. Each residence hall and apartment community offers self-serve laundry facilities.

Visit our Cancellations page for details about canceling your University Housing agreement.

University Housing assigns incoming residents requesting random roommate selection based on the answers to the lifestyle questionnaire portion in the University Housing application. We try to only assign roommates with students who match most of their questionnaire answers and who are within a one-year age range. We also try to assign incoming first-year students with other first-year students.

Complete a University Housing application and a village application in MyPack Portal.

It depends and can vary from year to year. Some of our buildings are reserved exclusively for village members, and all beds in those buildings are allocated for the village. In other communities, a village may occupy only a portion of the building. If you have specific questions, please email us at

Students assigned to a residence hall, Wolf Village or Wolf Ridge Apartments may complete a room change request via MyPack Portal if you are approved to move into a university-owned fraternity or sorority house located in the Greek Village. Students living on campus do not need to cancel their residence hall, Wolf Village or Wolf Ridge agreement. Contact Fraternity and Sorority Life for more information about this process.

Check out our What to Bring page for a suggested packing list.

Current Students

Please submit a Work Order if there are any issues with your room, apartment or shared common areas.

  • All double-occupancy residence hall room mattresses are extra-long twins (36″ x 80″ x 7″)
  • All apartment mattresses are extra-long full-size (53″ x 75″) 
  • Beds include head and foot boards

All residence halls have beds that can be lofted with the exception of North Hall and some rooms in Avent Ferry Complex.

Apartment beds cannot be lofted. Wolf Village beds are not adjustable, but do have storage space underneath. Wolf Ridge beds can be raised for additional storage.

No. Subleasing is not permitted by University Housing. If you are approved to study abroad or internship out of the area, we will suspend your housing agreement without penalty. Some restrictions apply.

If your pet is a fish and fits in a 10-gallon aquarium (or less), then yes. All other pets are not allowed on campus. However, service and assistance animals are allowed for residents with a registered physical or emotional disability.

Visit your student service desk and you will receive a temporary key.

Building Hall Councils often purchase items such as cooking utensils, board games, gaming controllers, brooms, vacuums, etc. for residents to borrow from their service desk. When students return the borrowed item to the service desk, they will be given a sanitizing wipe and asked to wipe down the item they borrowed before leaving it at the service desk door for the community assistant (CA) to retrieve.

Yes. Contact the residence life coordinator of the building where the preferred space is located for more information.

All students are expected to complete the University Housing roommate, suitemate or apartment-mate agreement when they move in. This agreement between roommates, suitemates or apartment-mates ensures that each individual’s rights are respected and that roommates have discussed their expectations while sharing a room.

Students may request a room change two weeks after classes begin each semester.

First, complete the room change request form on the University Housing Self-Service page via MyPack Portal.

No. If you cancel your housing to participate in study abroad, co-op or withdraw from the university for academic or medical reasons, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Campus safety is a shared responsibility. University Housing partners with University Police and Campus Fire Protection to educate and inform residents about safety issues. Each residential building is equipped with state-of-the-art smoke detection and fire suppression systems that are linked to the Campus Police office.

Additional information can be found at the Campus Police and Fire Protection websites.

Check out for tips on how to prevent mold and mildew in residential spaces.

NC State University does not endorse any individual insurance program but does encourage parents and students to make sure they have the protection they desire for student property.

Not all homeowner’s insurance policies cover everything students bring to school. Most will provide some coverage but have limitations on certain property. Check with your insurance agent to determine what is and what is not covered under your policy and what the deductibles are for property away from your principal residence.

For additional information regarding personal property liability, please refer to your University Housing agreement.

No. Vapor pens and e-cigs fall under the same regulations as cigarettes and other smoking tobacco products and are not allowed. Please reference this University Regulation on Smoking for more information.

Because of their combustible nature currently being investigated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, hoverboards and handless scooters are not allowed anywhere on campus for safety concerns. However, NC State has Spin bikes and scooters for rent all around campus. Check this site for more information.

Residents should go through the Room Selection process to renew their housing for the upcoming academic year. You will receive more information about Room Selection in January for the upcoming academic year.

Mailing addresses are located in MyPack Portal under “View My Assignment.”

Residence halls remain open during Thanksgiving and Spring Break but close during winter break. Wolf Village and Wolf Ridge remain open during Winter Break.

University Housing is dedicated to providing campus living space for students with disabilities who request ADA-accessible rooms. To assist us in accommodating your housing needs, complete the University Housing application in MyPack Portal and then register with the Disability Resource Office (DRO). We make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to students with qualified disabilities.

Once you are registered with DRO, contact the University Housing office at 919.515.2440 or send us an email. Please be specific and communicate all your needs so we can ensure a positive living experience. In addition, we can consult with you in our fully accessible office and arrange for visits to the residence halls and/or apartment communities.

For more information, visit our ADA Accommodations page.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to show proof of your on-campus housing assignment, we can now offer that for you directly from the housing system. Whether it is for voter registration, the DMV or any other agency that needs proof of your campus address, you can print it from the comfort of your room.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into MyPack Portal
  2. Select Campus Living
  3. Select the link to log into the housing system
  4. Select Proof of Residency from the header row

If you have any questions, email us at