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Gold Hall

Gold, Syme and Welch halls make up the NC State community known as the Triad. Built in the early 1910s through 1920s, these halls have historic charm combined with modern amenities. All halls in the Triad have traditional hall-style rooms with bathrooms shared by residents. Each building is equipped with lounges and a community kitchen on the first floor. Gold is a single-sex hall for male students. Triad residents enjoy the common courtyard and pavilion for relaxation and studying.

Campus map with Syme, Gold, and Welch residence halls highlighted in red.

Floor Plan

Model room in Gold Hall.

Average Measurements

  • Room Size:  17’2″ (l) x 11’10” (w) x 10′ (h)
  • Window:  69″ (w) x 40″ (h)
  • Desks:  44″ (l) x 24″ (w) x 30″ (h)
  • Study Tables:  24″ (l) x 18″ (w) x 30″ (h)
  • Pedestal Dressers:  30″ (l) x 24″ (w) x 30″ (h)
  • Loft Bed Frames:  85″ (l) x 37.75″ (w)
  • Mattresses:  80″ (l) x 36″ (w) x 7″ (h)
  • Microfridge:  43″ (h) x 18.5″ (w)  x 17.5″ (d)

Room Features

  • Bed Size: Extra-long twin
  • WolfTV Streaming: Included
  • Wireless: Yes, WiFi throughout
  • Closets: Yes
  • Wardrobe: No
  • In-room Sink: No
  • Loftable Furniture: Yes
  • Microfridge: Yes

Hall Features

  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Bathroom Facilities: One community bathroom per floor
  • Card Access: Yes
  • Community Kitchen: Yes
  • Computer Lab: Yes, at Quad Commons
  • Elevators: No
  • Floors: 3
  • Service Desk: Quad Commons
  • Laundry Facilities: Yes
  • Living and Learning Village: None
  • Lounges: Yes
  • Occupancy: 58 residents
  • Room Style: Hall-style
  • Single-Sex Hall: Males only 
  • Smoke Detectors/Fire Sprinklers: Yes
  • Smoke-Free: Yes

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Gold Hall
70 Pullen Rd
Raleigh, NC 27607