Location Style Community Village(s) # of Residents 1st Year 2nd – 4th Year
Tucker Hall Hall [see styles] TOTA [map] Exploratory Studies 358 Yes No
Owen Hall Hall TOTA Exploratory Studies 376 Yes No
Turlington Hall Hall TOTA Arts Village 161 Yes Limited
Alexander Hall Hall TOTA Global Village 165 Yes Limited
Bowen Hall Suite Tri-Towers [map] Impact Leadership and Exploratory 312 Yes Limited
Carroll Hall Suite Tri-Towers N/A 351 Yes Limited
Metcalf Hall Suite Tri-Towers N/A 408 Yes Limited
Bagwell Hall Hall Quad [map] Honors and Scholars Village 166 Yes Limited
Becton Hall Hall Quad Honors and Scholars Village 209 Yes Limited
Berry Hall Hall Quad Honors and Scholars Village 59 Yes Limited
Gold Hall Hall Quad [map] N/A 58 Yes Yes
Syme Hall Hall Quad SAY Village 212 Yes Yes
Welch Hall Hall Quad WOW Village 58 Yes Yes
North Hall Hotel Quad [map] N/A 242 Yes Yes
Watauga Hall Suite Quad [map] N/A 98 No Yes
Bragaw Hall Suite West Campus [map] EcoVillage 761 Yes Yes
Lee Hall Suite West Campus [map] WISE Village 749 Yes Yes
Sullivan Hall Suite West Campus [map] Engineering Village 713 Yes Yes
Avent Ferry Hotel North Campus [map] Black Male Initiative 625 Yes Yes
Wood Hall Suite North Campus [map] Wellness & Native Space 470 Yes Yes
Wolf Village Apartments Main Campus [map] S.T.A.T.E. Village 1208 Limited Yes
Wolf Ridge Apartments Centennial [map] Albright Entrepreneurs 1153 No Yes
E.S. King Village Apartments Family [map] N/A N/A No Limited
Western Manor Apartments Family [map] N/A N/A N/A N/A
Coastal Quarters Apartments Morehead City [map] CMAST N/A N/A N/A