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Room Selection Process Walkthrough

Use the following instructions to navigate the University Housing room selection process.

STEP 1: During your designated room selection time, navigate to 

Screenshot of the StarRez platform homepage

STEP 2:  From the homepage, click the “23/24 Room Selection Application” tab at the top of the screen. 

STEP 3: The new page will read “Application Selection.” Find the green “2023-2024 RH Academic Year“ box at the bottom of the page and click “Continue” to proceed. 

Screenshot of the Academic Year button

STEP 4: The new page will read “Initial Selection.” Read through each information box for details about the process. At the bottom of the page are multiple room types. Click the room type that matches the number of people in your roommate group. 

  • For example, someone without a roommate may select “single” and a roommate group of four may select “Wolf Village – 4 Bdrm” 
  • You will receive a notification if you do not have the correct number of roommates for the space you are trying to select. 
Screenshot of the room types option page

STEP 5: The next page will show you available spaces of that room type. On the left panel, you can filter your options by building location and floors. Click “Select Room” when you have found your preferred space. 

  • Clicking “Show Room Info” will load a page that indicates room location and floor/suite. For more detailed information about each space, proceed to the Housing website
  • If a floor or building is not listed on this page, all available spaces have been filled. 
  • To edit roommate groups, click on the “Roommate Groups” page in the navigation bar and make any necessary changes. 
Screenshot of the available rooms page

STEP 6: The next page will display your room selection. You will see your name in one box, and a section of boxes for your roommate group. Use the drop-down menus to select an available bed for each roommate. Once everyone has been assigned a bed space, click the “Assign Beds” button at the bottom of the page. 

Screenshot of the selected room page

STEP 7: The next page will read “Housing Selection Confirmation.” Confirm that your selection is correct and click the “Finalize Selection” button. You will not be able to change this selection once it is finalized. 

Screenshot of the finalize selection page

STEP 8: The next page will read “Application Status.” This confirms that the space you selected is reserved. Thank you for participating in on-campus room selection!

Screenshot of the application status page