Coronavirus FAQ

All students are encouraged to monitor their NC State email accounts regularly for instructions and updates from University Housing and other campus departments.

The latest updates regarding university-wide operations can be found at


ASSIGNMENTS:  Will there be roommates/suitemates this year?  Can I have my own room?

The majority of residents on campus can expect to have a roommate and/or suitemates or apartment-mates for Fall 2020. A limited number of single rooms have been made available for individuals who have pre-existing medical conditions or are immunocompromised, which may place them at risk for complications if they become infected by COVID-19. If you believe that may apply to your situation, you may register your request with the Disability Resource Office.

ASSIGNMENTS:  What should I do if I don’t feel safe living on campus during COVID-19?

If you are an incoming freshman student you are normally required to live on campus your first year. However, we understand that due to COVID impacts and the availability of completely online courses, you may need to appeal this requirement if you are choosing remote learning and will be living at home. You may view information regarding the First-Year Requirement and how to appeal that here:

If you are not an incoming freshman student, you may cancel your housing application or assignment for the 20-21 Academic Year (Fall & Spring) by submitting a cancellation form under the forms section of the campus living homepage in MyPack Portal. Please remember to state the reason you are canceling. More information regarding cancellations can be found here:

Cancellations after August 10, 2020 will be subject to pro rata room charges and the cancellation fee schedule.

ASSIGNMENTS:  I cancelled my housing assignment/application for the 2020-2021 school year. Can I still live on campus for Spring 2021?

If you would like to live on campus for the Spring semester you will need to submit a new application for Spring. Applications will be available in October.  There is not a guarantee of the same assignment that you cancelled from for fall, although we will do our best to accommodate as many requests as we can.

ASSIGNMENTS:  I am an international student whose country is still under travel restrictions and/or I am unable to secure a visa to enter the United States due to the pandemic. What do I do about my fall housing assignment?

If you are an international student who may not be able to travel to the US by the start of the fall semester, we recommend canceling your Housing Agreement and reapplying for housing once you know that you will be able to come to NC State. The cancellation fee will be waived.

LIVING ON CAMPUS:  What precautions are being taken in the residence halls?

Safety is a shared responsibility between all residential community members following CDC guidelines for cleaning, social distancing and good hand-hygiene. University Housing, and our campus partners in the Facilities Division, are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is as safe a space as possible for all residents. Some precautions include the increased housekeeping services in all residential spaces daily, the presence of hand sanitizer stations in entry areas, limitations on elevator capacity, one-way staircases where appropriate, and limited occupancy in residential common areas like lounges and laundry rooms.

LIVING ON CAMPUS:  Can I have guests visit and stay with me in the residence halls?

We recognize that our residents may want family and/or friends to be able to visit. In advance of anyone staying in your space, talk with your roommate, suitemates, and/or apartment-mates about having guests.  Guests will be allowed as directed by the occupancy limit identified for your community type (as noted in our Community Standards), but should only come into the space after discussing with the others with whom you share living space.

LIVING ON CAMPUS:  How can we stay safe in the residence halls?

All residential students were offered/issued a pack of 5 University-provided masks at check-in to their residential community. 

It’s up to everyone to practice safe physical distancing protocols, wash your hands frequently and wear your masks. Clean up after yourself. Limit your time in communal areas. Practice good hygiene. By taking responsibility for yourself and holding your fellow members of the Wolfpack accountable, we can help limit the spread of COVID-19. 

Residential programs and engagement opportunities will be conducted virtually whenever possible, while still providing the support, resources, education, and community that are hallmarks of the on-campus living experience.

LIVING ON CAMPUS:  How do I stay safe while using common areas, bathrooms, showers, etc. in residence halls?

NC State’s housekeeping teams will regularly clean all common areas and high-touch surfaces in residence halls, increasing this frequency to several times each day. Even so, it is up to everyone to do their part to maintain a clean and sanitary living environment. Residents should regularly clean up after themselves when using common areas. Lounges, and other common rooms will have limited capacities for the upcoming year. Bathrooms and showers in traditional hall and suite-style buildings will be regularly cleaned and sanitized, but again, it’s up to each individual to use best practices as they go about their day. For residents in apartment-style or hotel-style communities, individual residents are responsible for cleaning their bathrooms.

QUARANTINE and ISOLATION:  What happens if I, or one of my roommates, is confirmed to have COVID-19?

Roommates, suitemates, and apartment-mates will be considered “family units” for the purposes of assignments and how the university will respond to confirmed cases or exposure to COVID-19. In order to do this effectively, it is imperative that every member of the NC State community self-report if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Isolation and quarantine instructions will be provided, per CDC guidance, at the direction of NC State’s Student Health Services. If required to quarantine or isolate, residents are encouraged to return home if at all possible. If a resident has no other resources, we are holding spaces that will be used to provide temporary housing to residents who test positive for COVID-19 and for residents who have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus who need to be in quarantine because they were exposed but are not yet sick, as recommended by Student Health Services and other health authorities.

QUARANTINE and ISOLATION:  If I have to self-quarantine or isolate on campus, what should I do about food?

Should a student be assigned to quarantine/isolation housing, NC State Dining will provide meals as follows:

  • Meals will be packaged from daily dining hall menus.
  • Dining will work with each student on any dietary needs. 
  • Dining will provide a get well kit that includes bottled water, soup, snacks and other items.
  • Meals will be delivered once per day and include enough food for two meals.

On-Campus Students with a Meal Plan | Delivered meals will be covered according to the following:

  • Quarantine meals are included for students enrolled in “Core” Meal Plans (Dining Hall Plan, Flex Plan and Flex Plus Plan)
  • Students enrolled in Block Meal Plans will be charged two meals per day.
  • Commuter Plans and Dining Dollar accounts will be charged $15.00 per day.

On-Campus Students without a Meal Plan | Delivered meals will be charged to the student’s account at a rate of $15 per day.

Students living in Fraternity/Sorority Housing | For students that live in a house without a meal service, NC State Dining will charge delivered meals to the student’s account at a rate of $15 per day. 

BILLING:  Will we get a reduced bill for housing since the semester is ending early?

The housing rate covers the term of academic instruction. The schedule is starting early and ending early, therefore the rate will include a typical semester term regardless of the shift in the university calendar.

BILLING:  Will we receive a refund if campus closes before the end of the semester?

While it is our intention to provide a pro rata refund for housing, if NC State closes campus and mandates that students return home, this procedure may be changed at the direction of the University of North Carolina System. 

When will everything go back to normal?

There is no set end date.  Like others, we look forward to the day in which we can provide the highest levels of service, events, and residential experience.  We encourage you to visit to get the most timely updates possible.